22 Insane Lies We All Believed Growing Up For Some Reason

    We were all LIED to.

    1. It's illegal to keep the light on in a car:

    2. A tree is going to grow in your stomach:

    3. You can't shower during a storm:

    4. That seaweed is probably a shark:

    5. And there's definitely a shark in the deep end of the pool:

    6. If your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer:

    7. Going to your room is a bad thing:

    8. The blue part has special powers:

    9. Seriously, that light's gonna kill you:

    10. You gotta check behind the curtain:

    11. Every single adult is absolutely swimming in cash:

    12. This is the most devastating insult there is:

    Or this is:

    13. Gum will stay inside your stomach forever:

    14. Quicksand is going to be a HUGE problem:

    15. Your face will stay like that:

    16. You gotta wait an hour to swim:

    17. It was perfectly normal for the McAllister's to have a house like that in Home Alone:

    18. If you take those tags off you're goin' to the slammer:

    19. Pushing this actually does something:

    20. Your mom won't always know best:

    21. You're going to have it all figured out by your 20s:

    22. And, finally...