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24 Secrets Panera Employees Will Never Tell You


1. How to order literally the best thing imaginable:

*nervously sweats*

2. How to get a free bagel. A FREEGAL!

3. How to live that cookie kiosk life:

4. Double your sandwich for double your happiness:

5. The ultimate desert beverage:

6. Breakfast sandwiches in all shapes and sizes:

7. How to get bread WITH YOUR BREAD:

8. Vegetarian-friendly options:

9. Mac 'n' cheese the way it was intended to be eaten:

10. Free 'cado:

11. Keep makin' those accounts:

12. How to get more bread for your buck:

13. How to make yourself a mac 'n' cheese sandwich:

14. How to get two for one:

15. The ol' DIY bread bowl:

16. The ol' to-go soup trick:

17. A little pronunciation tip:

18. Save a lil' on cream cheese:

19. Broc-ched isn't veg:

20. How to get JUST bread:

*sweats carb-ily*

21. How to get your fix DAYS IN ADVANCE:

22. Or anytime, any place:

23. Or how to eat soup for every meal every day:

24. Or, most importantly, how to eat and read this list at the same time: