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Updated on Mar 4, 2020. Posted on Oct 28, 2019

23 Things That Are Way Bigger Than Your Stupid Brain Thought They Were

Well, I'll be.

1. This is how big a traffic light is compared with a person:

2. And this is how big a moose is. Really freakin' big:


Absolute unit.

3. This is how big a redwood tree is:

4. And this is the size of Australia compared with the size of Pluto. PLUTO!



5. This is how big some road signs are:



6. And this is how big Michelangelo's "David" statue is:

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

It's actually 17 feet tall.

7. This is the size of a person next to a blade from a wind turbine:

8. And this is a person next to a wind turbine:

9. And this is how big a tornado is compared with a wind turbine. Puny little turbine:

Size of a tornado compared to a wind turbine, Dodge City, May 24. #tornado #windpower #kansas #storm

Tornados: They're big.

10. This is how big Shaq is compared with a chicken wing:


Pathetic tiny wing.

11. And this is what Shaq looks like drinking a normal-sized bottle of water:


Puny little bottle.

12. And, on the flip side, this is how big Shaq is compared with the tallest man who ever lived:


That's a big dude.

13. This is how big male bison can get:


They can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

14. This is how huge a horse's lungs are:

Via Twitter: @thehumanxp

Looks like forbidden Starburst.

15. And this is the size of a whale's skull:

16. Here's how big one of the moai statues on Easter Island is:



17. And here's how truly gigantic the Great Pyramid is:

intrepidguide / Instagram / Via

Photo via the Intrepid Guide.

18. This is what the Titanic would look like next to a modern-day cruise ship:


Leo is shaking right now.

19. And this is how big the Mars rover actually was:

20. This is how big Indonesia is compared with the United States and Europe:

21. This is how big an ammonoid was:

Paul Williams / Via Flickr: ironammonite

22. And this is how big the Teletubbies are. Honestly terrifying:


They're, like, 10 feet tall.

23. And finally, this is how big a billion is:

Via Twitter: @paul_franz


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