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23 Things That Are Way Bigger Than Your Stupid Brain Thought They Were

Well, I'll be.

1. This is how big a traffic light is compared with a person:

2. And this is how big a moose is. Really freakin' big:


Absolute unit.

3. This is how big a redwood tree is:

4. And this is the size of Australia compared with the size of Pluto. PLUTO!



5. This is how big some road signs are:



6. And this is how big Michelangelo's "David" statue is:

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

It's actually 17 feet tall.

7. This is the size of a person next to a blade from a wind turbine:

8. And this is a person next to a wind turbine:

9. And this is how big a tornado is compared with a wind turbine. Puny little turbine:

Size of a tornado compared to a wind turbine, Dodge City, May 24. #tornado #windpower #kansas #storm

Tornados: They're big.

10. This is how big Shaq is compared with a chicken wing:


Pathetic tiny wing.

11. And this is what Shaq looks like drinking a normal-sized bottle of water:


Puny little bottle.

12. And, on the flip side, this is how big Shaq is compared with the tallest man who ever lived:


That's a big dude.

13. This is how big male bison can get:


They can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

14. This is how huge a horse's lungs are:

Via Twitter: @thehumanxp

Looks like forbidden Starburst.

15. And this is the size of a whale's skull:

16. Here's how big one of the moai statues on Easter Island is:



17. And here's how truly gigantic the Great Pyramid is:

intrepidguide / Instagram / Via

Photo via the Intrepid Guide.

18. This is what the Titanic would look like next to a modern-day cruise ship:


Leo is shaking right now.

19. And this is how big the Mars rover actually was:

20. This is how big Indonesia is compared with the United States and Europe:

21. This is how big an ammonoid was:

Paul Williams / Via Flickr: ironammonite

22. And this is how big the Teletubbies are. Honestly terrifying:


They're, like, 10 feet tall.

23. And finally, this is how big a billion is:

Via Twitter: @paul_franz


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