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27 Texts That Will Make You Laugh Way, Wayyyyyy Harder Than They Should

Bless these texts.

1. The accident text:

one person texts the other that there has been an accident and they freak out and say what happened and they send a picture of a dog in a car that says he forgot to put the car in bark / Via u/mr_danyelli

2. The parents text:

text reading do not buy your dad anymore toys and then the dad says i got in trouble with my light saber / Via u/Classy_Keemstar

3. The sexy text:

text conversation of someone saying you know what would be sexy eating food off eachother and the other person says you did not do the dishes / Via u/MrsMozely

4. The Google text:

a mom texts her child to stop changing the google logo / Via u/mmarcusandresf

5. The Chipotle text:

a person has a lot of trouble spelling chipotle, messing it up 7 times / Via u/Legit-Sonic

6. The car text:

text conversation of a person coming out to their mother and doing a dad joke by saying their name is car / Via u/buckfastattiffanys

7. The Tony Hawk text:

text reading roses are red tony hawk is a skater i'm driving right now i'll get back to you later / Via u/Flamegator_Tamer

8. The fever text:

one person asks if the other is going to class or not and then they send a picture of a thermometer and the other person asks if they're pregnant or not

9. The turtle text:

emoji story of a turtle eating a strawberry / Via u/lhargreaves

10. The Crocs text:

two people sexting and one says they took off their crocs and the other says to put them back on / Via u/buckfastattiffanys

11. The furry text:

a person asks their friend what a football furry is and they mean mascot / Via u/NebulaeWorms

12. The eggplant text:

a person says we are eating eggplant emoji cheese emoji tonight and the other person thinks they mean dick cheese / Via u/tom_the_pilot

13. The brotherly text:

text reading my half brother is 6'3 and the other person says wow imagine if he was a full brother / Via u/angushalll

14. The mood text:

mom asking what does mood af mean and the person explains it and they ask why did you comment that under a video of a gorilla throwing shit

15. The Target text:

text reading i saw you in target but they say goofy ass bitch and send a picture of goofy the cartoon / Via u/AnimatedSoup

16. The perfect night text:

wrong number text reading you and me friday night ill supply the mozzarella sticks and shrek, you supply the condoms and the other person says this is the right number
Getty / Via

17. The eyeball text:

weird text of a person making an emoji thanos with the eyes emoji and it looks strange / Via u/PeterGlassJar

18. The four degrees text:

text reading yo bro what are you up to and they say did you know that minus four degrees looks like a dude taking a shit

19. The Numa Numa text:

two people reenact the numa numa song in text

20. The salt text:

a person sends a picture of a rifle made out of salt that says this is a salt rifle / Via u/Bigb3lls

21. The saxophone text:

emojis playing saxophones / Via u/NeddieBoi777

22. The studying text:

a mom says glad to see you studying hard and it's someone watching a video called will bigfoot get coronavirus / Via u/Journey2TheOtherSide

23. The science text:

a person can't remember the word professor and so thinks they are called sciencers

24. The Uber text:

a person who is drunk says they called an uber to go home from a party but it turns out it is their house

25. The healthy text:

person asking are you eating healthy and the other person says yes today i made aged organic milk tossed over seasoned tomato puree spread on baked whole wheat and it's pizza

26. The grammar text:

a person keeps messing up the I before E repeat after C rule

27. And the most beautiful text:

poem reading roses are red violets are blue i am bread bread you / Via u/hitlerblowfish

My soul is healed.

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