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The 18 Absolute Worst Places To Poop On The Planet

This is it. The ultimate list.

1. The toilet with a window to the world:

This is where you get sent to poop when you're in trouble.

2. The toilet with the cutest l'il door:

Wish I could have that door as a pet!

3. The world's most private toilet:

Did I say most private? I meant "holy shit, this just might be the worst place to shit on this shitty planet. Shit."

4. The most anxiety inducing toilet in the world:

I feel damp. I FEEL DAMP.

5. The toilet with a view from the top:

Can't see someone pooping through the door? No problem!

6. The rootinest, tootinest toilets in the wild, wild west.


7. The toilet with the whole entire gang:

Hey, the more the merrier my dude!

8. The toilet with totally effective shutters:

Hey, man, let a little sunlight in! Vitamin D is good for you!

9. The toilet with a lit'ral elevator right next to it:

"Next stop, turd floor!"

10. The toilet with the worst possible place to put a roll:

Buddy, I don't even think MO BAMBA could reach that. One like equals one respect.

11. The toilet that perfectly hides your face:

And perfectly exposes your giblets to the whole G.D. eastern seaboard.

12. The toilet with the hidden roll:

Did they build the sink around the toilet paper? Was the toilet paper an precious heirloom that couldn't be moved???

13. The toilet in-between two floors:

You ever been walking downstairs and thought "damn, lemme just take a shit real quick" but had nowhere to go? Well, I have good news.

14. The most delicious toilet in all the land:

Little extra flavor never hurt no one.

15. Possibly the world's most welcoming toilet:

Finally, a place I can relax!

16. The toilet with probably the world's worst toilet paper location:

This TP unit will 100% inspire some tough decisions. We become stronger through adversity.

17. The toilet that's basically a new Olympic event:

Gang... call it... the High Dump!

18. The toilet with a special friend:

Wish I could poop like this every time!

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