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    22 Times Anti-Vaxxers Had Their Arguments Absolutely Destroyed

    I mean, come on.

    1. The "It Was Made Way Too Fast" argument:

    Person who says the vaccine was made too quickly and it gets pointed out they ate a Tide pod in 2019

    2. The "Trust Your Body" argument:

    Person who says trust cells, not science

    3. The "Vaccines Turn You Into Zombies" argument:

    person who says a vaccine turns you into a zombiie and the other person says you already have no brains

    4. The "You're All Sheep" argument:

    anti-vaxxer who thinks lamda is an animal not a greek letter

    5. The "I'm Already Healthy" argument:

    person who says i don't need a vaccine for a disease i don't have and someone says that's exactly why you need one

    6. The "Vaccines Are a Slippery Slope" argument:

    Person who says there's a difference between vaccines and immunizations

    7. The "Vaccinated People Spread the Virus" argument:

    person who says vaccinated people spread the virus and the other replier says well the hospital isn't full of vaxxed people

    8. The "Do Your Research" argument:

    person who says do your research about the vaccine and the other person says research dunning kreuger graphs

    9. The "My Body My Choice" argument:

    person who says its their body's choiice to get vaxxed or not and someone says pregnancy is not contagious

    10. The "Over My Dead Body" argument:

    11. The "Science Is Actually Wrong" argument:

    person who says not to trust science because science says the moon glows

    12. The "That's Not How Diseases Work" argument:

    person who says diseases actually aren't infectious

    13. The "Just Wash Your Hands" argument:

    person who says we should fill our lungs with hand sanitizer to beat covid

    14. The "Well-credentialed" argument:

    person who says they are allowed to ignore science because they have common sense

    15. The "Just Use Home Remedies, Like Lysol" argument:

    person who dabs lysol into their nose instead of getting vaxxed

    16. The "Lose Your Job" argument:

    Person who says diseases and viruses are different things after someone asks if they forgot you had to be vaccinated to go to school

    17. The "Life Is a Privilege" argument:

    person who says they are not getting vaccinated because life is a privlege

    18. The "Masks Don't Work" argument:

    person who says masks only stop some droplets so someone responds and says thank you for your expert opinion make sure you don't cover your mouth when you sneeze

    19. The "Do Even More Research" argument:

    person who says to do their research to a doctor

    20. The "It's All One Big Pharma Conspiracy" argument:

    person who would rather go to the store and buy horse medicine then take a free vaccine

    21. The "Low Death Rate" argument:

    someone who says the death rate is low for children so it is ok to not get vaccinated

    22. And the "Cite Your Sources" argument:

    person who wants to use scholarly sources to prove anti-vaxxers are right but of course there are none of them