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The 22 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened On TV

Oh no.

1. The "Cop Learns How to Freeze":

2. The "Immediate Pullback":

3. The "Thanks, Obama!":

4. The "Wall Warrior":

5. The "Professional Diver":

6. The "Mom, Here's Your Phone":

7. The "Slow, Excruciating Death":

8. The "Wheeler":

9. The "Yiiiiiiiikes":

10. The "Ultimate Face-Plant":

11. The "Walking Is Difficult":

12. The "Tuck 'n' Roll":

13. The "Death of a Phone":

14. The "Proper Workout Technique":

15. The "Pick Your Ear and Eat It":

16. The "Plastic Bag Has Heard ENOUGH":

17. The "Professional Hockey Player":

18. The "Staring Contest World Champ":

19. The "Spider-Man":

20. The "Plow out for Revenge":

21. The "Eye Poke":

22. And, last but not least, the "Grocery Store Shuffle":