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19 People Who Have Ascended To A Higher Plane Of Existence

We can only watch in awe.

1. The vodka archeologist:

Twitter: @Maribbons


2. The FaceTiming chef extraordinaire:

3. The popcorn prince:

4. The king of all license pictures:

Twitter: @_aguirre47

(Driving while high ain't cool, but you get it.)

5. The guy who figured out how to keep his sweet, beautiful food warm:

Twitter: @canceric

I'm in awe.

6. The one trip kings:

7. The Diet Pepsi da Vinci:

Twitter: @swedishcanary

This person for president.

8. The vest viceroy:

Twitter: @overlyliked

I'm... flabbergasted.

9. The scam czar:

Twitter: @r_tatas

There we go.

10. The person who figured out the only information worth knowing:

Twitter: @CauseWereGuys

I don't know what to do with this powerful information

11. The soda machine sultan:

12. The fake ID Faraday:

Twitter: @aidenmarceron

God bless you, Ashton.

13. The cereal caesar:

14. The luggage queen:

Twitter: @rez512

I bow down.

15. The dog grooming genius:

Twitter: @kendalpeifer

You love to see it.

16. The lord of the Apple watch:

Instagram: @highfiveexpert

So hairy, yet so elegant.

17. The guy who figured out how to defeat bacon grease once and for all:

Twitter: @StevStiffler

Cooking with the Gods.

18. The record machine magistrate:

Twitter: @esaueracker

The kids are alright.

19. The airdrop emperor:

Twitter: @elizwsmith

What a time to be alive.

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