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    15 Of The Dumbest Arguments Americans Have Ever Made Against Cancelling Student Loans

    "I suffered, why shouldn't everyone else."

    1. The "I'm Not Babysitting Millennials" argument:


    2. The "I Worked Through It 50 Years Before Student Loans Existed" argument:

    3. The "I Can't Gift Money Away" argument:


    4. The "My Bills Are MY Responsibility" argument:

    5. The "Kids Should Start Scavenging Early" argument:

    6. The "It's A Slap In The Face" argument:


    7. The "Everyone Needs To Do What I Did" argument:

    8. The "What About Doctors" argument:

    9. The "Next Thing You're Gonna Tell Me HOUSING Is A Right Too" argument:


    10. The "If You Have Loans, You Shouldn't Be Able To Vote" argument:

    11. The "What's Next, Forgiving Medical Debt" argument:

    12. The "Money Is The Only Reason A Degree Matters" argument:


    13. The "I Went To Ivy League Schools" argument:


    14. The "Education Is Not A Human Right" argument:

    15. And the "I Did Back In My Day, Why Can't You" argument:

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    Hmmmm... wonder why.

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