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The 19 Most Painfully Awkward "Among Us" Moments In All Of Human History

That's an oof.

1. When green took the compliment:

2. When yellow fell for the oldest trick in the book:

3. When purple was, at the very least, honest:

4. When pink just needed a second:

5. When brown made a small yet damning spelling error:

6. When yellow explained how the world works:

7. When brown learned that the violence never ends:

8. When purple revealed why it couldn't be them:

9. When green snitched:

10. When pink voted for themself:

11. When red learned what being the impostor is in the worst way possible:

12. When orange told on themselves:

13. When orange took brown down with the ship:

14. When white forgot who was dead:

15. When everyone decided to confuse the livin' daylights out of everyone else:

16. When blue forgot how names work:

17. When pink forgot that some things are best kept to yourself:

18. When cyan took down their partner in crime:

19. When gray re-created the red scare: