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23 Pictures That Prove The World Isn't A Steaming Pile Of Garbage

Not all the time, at least.

Just remember...

1. All the very serious pictures being taken:

2. All the very important news that's breaking:

3. And all first impressions that will last a lifetime:

4. Remember all those lending a hand:

5. Hamster pancakes exist:

6. And grandmas have mastered social media:

7. Remember all the people meeting their heroes:

8. Michael's complete mastery of citrus fruits:

9. And all the important phone calls taking place:

10. Remember the crazy parties going on:

11. The heated arguments friends are having:

12. And... uh.... this:

13. Remember all the safe rides home:

14. The safe showers:

15. And safety in general:

16. Remember that cat-ceaneras exist:

17. And babies exist too:

18. Remember these wise words:

19. And the life and times of this alpaca:

20. Remember to always remix:

21. Always bring your dinosaurs along:

22. And always lend a hand:

23. And, finally, always, ALWAYS remember this: