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If You Can Identify Any Of These 35 Pictures, Congratulations! You're Officially Old

It's the truth, Ruth.

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  1. What is this man's name?

  2. Which fast food chain used to have this distinctive yellow look?
  3. What store used to be here?

    Facebook: 1990skidsonly
  4. What cartoon is this screencap from?

  5. What is this an ad for?
  6. What is this device used to do?
  7. Why is this TV set to channel three?

    Twitter: @OriginInsider
  8. What movie is this from?

    Jersey Films
  9. What is this man's name?

  10. What used to be here?

  11. Whose bedroom is this?

  12. What is this?
  13. What is the name of this dog?

  14. What would this be attached to?
  15. What show is this notebook from?

  16. What is this?
  17. What is this person about to draw?

    Twitter: @__joshrose
  18. What restaurant used to be in this building?
  19. What is this person doing?
  20. What movie is this scene from?
  21. What went inside these?
  22. What went inside this?
  23. What video game is this from?

  24. What was supposed to happen at midnight?

    Best Buy
  25. Where would you find one of these?

    Twitter: @_alma_333_
  26. What is this?
  27. Whose closet is this?

  28. What did these store?

  29. Where would you find one of these?
  30. What program is this?
  31. What is the name of this toy?

    Twitter: @Oh__B0Y