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35 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Look At "Breaking Bad"

Or just something to hold you over 'til Sunday. AHHHHHH!!!

1. Walter White getting his first chemistry lesson:

2. Hank in a very strange bathroom:

3. Gale realizing he just died:

4. Skyler taking a swim:

5. The boys getting together for a casual picture:

6. Vince Gilligan showing Walt what it MEANS to hold an axe:

7. Walt being way over-prepared for a rainy day:

8. The crew ganging up on Jesse:

9. Hank reading a bedtime story to a stuffed animal:

10. Jesse teaching baby Holly all she needs to know about life:

11. Mexico in much less yellow times:

12. Walt and Jesse taking a selfie:

13. Mike giving us a wink:

14. Walt getting his daily pork pie hat adjustment:

15. Wendy enjoying some soup:

16. Walt getting ready to run:

17. Hank just being Hank:

18. A closer look at an intimate dinner:

19. "Negro Y Azul" being shot:

20. Hank, appropriately, lighting a match:

21. Jesse finding out who Santa really is:

22. Walt Jr. getting a touch-up:

23. The crew reminding Walt to take off the crust:

24. Walt listening to his new friend say THEIR name:

25. The stoop gang:

26. A little dip in Mexico:

27. Mr. Lambert being surprised by a hidden camera show:

28. The cousins apparently entering the Vamanos Pest tent:

29. Skyler playing some ball:

30. And, of course, Aaron Paul as Walter White:

31. Bryan Cranston as Jesse:

32. Aaron Paul as Los Pollos Hermanos and Bryan Cranston as Tio:

33. Bryan Cranston as Skyler and Aaron Paul as Jane:

34. And both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston as an infestation of termites: