28 Reasons Why We Will Never Have Nice Things

Not going to happen.

1. Patriots like this:

2. People with standards like this:

3. “Andbuildadacords” like this:

4. People like…like this:

5. People with million-dollar ideas like this:

7. People who apparently have never read a warning label:

8. People who should probably stop watching movies:

9. People with eyes? People with eyes:

10. People in your office like this:

11. Squirrel lovers like this:

12. People who have never seen a globe:

13. People like this:

14. Fans like this:

15. People like Kenzie:

16. People with a very limited understanding of currency:

17. People with absolutely no sense of awareness:

19. People who have never looked at a map:

20. People like this:

21. People who have never seen an animal, apparently:

22. People who will stand out for all the wrong reasons:

23. People happy over things like this:

24. People who are still trying their best to spell:

25. People who apparently have seen other naturally formed giant stone faces:

26. People who are unable to look down at their keyboard:

27. People with questions like this:

28. But, most of all, people like this:

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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