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The 28 Most Unfortunate Pictures Ever Taken

Going to need a reshoot.

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1. This isn't a half-man, half-baby.

2. This isn't a brand new species of pepper-cutting human.

3. This isn't a girl with a floating head.

4. This isn't a giant, poised to strike.

5. That person's head isn't that big.

6. This little girl isn't the tallest baby ever.

7. Whose legs are those?


8. That's not a ponytail.

9. This isn't a picture of very, very tiny bridesmaids.

10. This isn't the world's oldest baby.

11. Whose legs are in front?

12. That's not a... you know.

13. This isn't a man in a stunning dress.

14. This baby doesn't have a giant arm.

15. This isn't the creepiest family photo ever.

16. That hair isn't what it looks like.

17. This isn't the world's most revealing Facebook picture.

18. This isn't as dangerous as it looks.


19. This isn't what it looks like.

20. This isn't a tiny-headed freak of nature.


21. These aren't the legs of a human doll.

22. That's not her long, flowing locks.

23. This selfie isn't what it seems.

24. This lady isn't a ghost.

25. This isn't a jacked little girl.

26. This isn't a picture of a tennis player's secret weapon.

27. That's not a gigantic pair of lips.

28. This isn't dad having a little too much fun during the football game.



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