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28 Pictures That Prove Dreams Do Come True


1. This little guy seeing his dad for the first time:

Randy Davey / Reuters

2. And this soldier seeing his child for the first time:

3. Senait, the daughter of African immigrants, finding out that she'll be the first person in her family to go to college:

4. Malcolm Subban's face after he was drafted in the first round by the Bruins last year:

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images / Via

5. Wu Conghan and his wife Wu Songshi's first wedding photo after 88 years of marriage:

Rex Features

They weren't able to take one on the day of their actual wedding because, you know, it was 88 years ago.

6. This woman's birthday wish immediately coming true:

7. Police officers making blind 13-year-old Gage Hancock-Stevens’ dream of being a cop a reality:

8. This little girl seeing her face for the first time after getting surgery to fix her cleft lip:

9. These two brothers fulfilling their lifelong career goals:

10. These grooms seeing their brides for the first time:

11. This Olympic volunteer meeting his hero:

12. These two kids playing an N64 for the first time:


Though, to be fair, I'm guessing most of us reacted the same way.

13. Every single day this man wakes up:

14. A son reuniting with his mother after seeing her photo online:


Salmeron Hernandez, who had disappeared during his journey through Mexico to reach the U.S., was reunited with his mother after seeing her photo on the internet with a group of parents traveling through the area.

15. These NASA nerds landing their rovers on Mars:

Damian Dovarganes / AP

And by nerds I mean heroes.

16. Arnulfo Castorena winning his first gold medal in swimming for Mexico in the Paralympics:

17. A Michigan soccer team giving their team manager with Down syndrome an opportunity to start:

Courtney Sacco / Via

18. This young lady finding her cat 16 days after a storm destroyed her town:

19. China's first female astronaut Liu Yang making it back to Earth safe and sound:


20. Corianton and Keith embracing after becoming the first couple to get married in Seattle when same-sex couples were given the right to marry in the state:


21. This lovely couple getting married:

Chris Butler / AP

22. The exact moment a musician realizing he's made it:

View this video on YouTube

23. Caine building his arcade:


24. This guy making a half-court shot and getting a hug from his favorite player:

25. This Rugby star meeting his biggest fan:

Shane O'Neill/Fennells / Via

26. This man getting the chance to fly for the first time:

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

27. This woman who had been deaf her whole life being able to hear for the first time after receiving cochlear implants:

28. And every single time a baby sees ice cream for the first time: