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    26 Pictures That Will Make People In Sales Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

    Always be closin'.

    1. Those sweet hellos:

    2. The funniest joke you ever heard:

    3. Trying to act interested:

    4. The aging process:

    5. Sales in a nutshell:

    6. Trying to get some damn peace:

    7. That customer who's a little TOO eager:

    8. That new month:

    9. Short-term memory loss:

    10. The mythical vacation:

    11. "Just looking":

    12. Before and after:

    13. Holiday weekends in sales:

    14. The three stages of sales:

    15. Explaining OVER AND OVER:

    16. The salesperson's favorite drink:

    17. Emotions:

    18. Speaking to the manager:

    19. THE RETURN:

    20. Getting educated:

    21. Cold calls:

    22. That end-of-the-month feeling:

    23. Priorities:

    24. Sandbaggin':

    25. Forty hours:

    26. And those thoughts:

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