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26 Pictures That Prove Your Entire Life Is A Lie

Nothing is real.

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1. That’s not grandpa’s big surprise at the family reunion.

2. This isn't a girl floating in thin air.

3. This isn’t a tiny-headed freak of nature.


4. This isn’t what it looks like.

5. This isn’t Dad having a little too much fun during the football game.

6. This isn't the world's oldest child.

7. This isn’t a picture of a mutant.


8. This isn’t a two-headed beast.

9. These aren’t the legs of a human doll.

10. This isn't a one-handed man.

11. This limo ride didn’t take an unexpected turn.

12. This isn't a mutant child.


13. Those aren't that man's beautiful legs.

14. This isn’t an inappropriate picture.


15. This isn't a completely out-of-line swing maneuver.

16. This isn’t the world’s most revealing Facebook picture.

17. This isn't a floating human.

18. That hair isn’t what it looks like.

19. That’s not a…you know.

20. This isn’t a picture of a tiny man riding a woman.

21. That person’s head isn’t that big.

22. This isn’t a girl with a floating head.

23. This isn't what it looks like.

24. This isn’t a picture of a guy in a purple thong doing splits.

25. This isn’t a half-man, half-baby.

26. And this isn’t a new form of yoga you need to try.



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