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26 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Life

This is what life is all about.

1. Life is this fast-food order.

2. It's this coffee break.

3. And this prom dress.

4. Life is this secret message from a scale.

5. This bathroom emergency.

6. And this fallen soldier.

7. Life is this tragic love story.

8. This blast from the past.

9. And this eternity.

10. Life is this painful image.

11. This jump.

12. And this perfectly timed photo.

13. Life is this firefighter.

14. This athlete.

15. And this seductive beach photo.

16. Life is a fire extinguisher defying the odds.

17. This birthday present.

18. And this predicament.

19. Life is this stunning catch.

20. Or this...stunning catch.

21. Life is this photobomb.

22. And this problem.

23. It's this cautionary tale.

24. This juice fiasco.

25. And this couple's picture.

26. But most of all, life is this kid.

Life, man. Life.