25 Everyday Things That Are So Boring But So Interesting

Here’s a tribute to the mildly interesting things that you think about telling someone about, but just decide not to.

1. A poptart kind of blending in with a plate:

2. Noodles arranging themselves like this after cooking for a few minutes:

3. An island shaped like an ice cream cone:

4. A car odometer finally rolling over after 35 years:

5. A mirror with a design you can only see when it fogs up:

6. A fan that hums at a perfect ‘E’ so you don’t need a tuner anymore:

7. A solitaire game where you can’t make a single move:

8. A puddle that looks like Australia:

9. A vacuum cleaner with a cord that reaches everywhere but one corner:

10. A banana thats top rips off perfectly:

11. A cereal box fitting perfectly into a garbage can:

12. An oreo that has the back part on backwards:

13. A peanut with four nuts in it:

14. These cereal boxes fitting together:

15. Your chocolate being happy to see you:

16. This expiration date:

17. This CD kind of looking like a Pokeball:

18. Using every drop of ink in a pen:

19. Hair on the bathroom floor forming a happy ghost:

20. Cooking eggs that look like America:

21. Only having $10 in this situation:

22. A captcha that is self-referential:

23. A pretzel that doesn’t connect:

24. A tack landing like this when it falls:

25. And soccer:

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