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24 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

It can always be worse.

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1. At least you didn't have to be rescued at a bus stop:

2. Or have to deal with a car-bee:

3. And at least you don't have a brand new tan:

4. At least you didn't lose your precious baby:


5. And you didn't lose your will to eat pears:

6. Or get a mouthful of soap:

7. At least you aren't dealing with a massive case of wet pants:

8. Or with a terrible haircut:


9. Or a head full of porcupine:

10. At least your jeans don't have a brand-new design:

11. And at least your bathtub doesn't have a brand-new hole:

12. And hey, at least this isn't you:


13. At least you didn't get locked out in the most comical way possible:

14. Or get the most comical package sent to you:

15. And at least you didn't get TRAPPED:

16. At least you're not the doorknob:


17. And at least you didn't lose your cheesecake:

18. And hey, at least you still have a garage:

19. At least there wasn't an explosion in your car:

20. And at least you didn't make the biggest gas mistake ever:


21. And hey, you didn't lose your precious LASAGA:

22. At least you don't have a face full of sunflower seeds:

23. Or a kitchen full of disaster:

24. Or an iPad full of broken glass:

And hey, everytime you feel down, just remember — this isn't you:


It's OK.