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    23 Moments That Are So Embarrassing They Physically Hurt


    1. This cop's worst nightmare:


    2. The longest handshake ever:


    3. The ultimate treadmill disaster:


    4. The ol' hug 'n' duck:

    5. The very rare, seldom seen three-person handshake:

    6. This champagne disaster:

    7. The ol' pullback:


    8. The handshake from hell:

    Via CBS

    9. The worst game of musical chairs ever:

    10. This double fist pump:


    11. The ol' Obama turn:

    12. This touching graduation moment:

    13. This tactical move:

    14. The ol' "wrong knee" trick:

    15. The loneliest fan searching for meaning:

    16. The longest three seconds of her life:

    17. The ol' "forget how golf is played" trick:

    18. The dude on the right's stunning moves:

    19. This slow chair slide:

    20. The ol' pullback, part 2:

    Fox Sports

    21. This Shark Tank catastrophe:

    22. This nightmare door scenario:

    23. And this guy getting caught on camera by mistake:


    Actually, wait. This is the exact opposite of embarrassing. This is amazing.

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