21 Things You've Never Seen Before In Your Life

    NOT ANYMORE! Unless you have.

    1. An ostrich skiing:

    2. A walrus doing sit-ups:

    3. A literal "bitch slap":

    4. A llama that's wise to your shenanigans:

    5. A seagull committing a crime:

    6. A dog stealing a sled:

    7. A gorilla who's tired of your nonsense:

    8. A galloping camel:

    9. Ice T's wife Coco spilling wine in a baby's eyes:

    10. A polar bear failing miserably:

    11. A surprised hamster:

    12. President Obama Skateboarding:

    13. A pigeon that doesn't give a fuck:

    14. The luckiest man in the world:

    15. A dolphin with really bad timing:

    16. A burrito being made in space:

    17. Two bees who also have really bad timing:

    18. A reverse glass door fail:

    19. A ferret losing his mind over peanut butter:

    20. A deactivated cat:

    21. And an elephant waving goodbye: