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33 Pictures That Show 2016 Wasn't A Completely Terrible Year

It's not all awful.

Not everything that happened this year was terrible. Just remember...

1. This kid found his true love:

2. Dad mastered Snapchat:

3. This man found a friend for a lifetime:

4. This little girl finally met her family:

5. We found the world's greatest princess:

6. Perfect pregnancy photos were taken:

This might be my favorite picture on the internet right now lol

7. So many kisses were given:

8. And superheroes still saved the world:

9. Kids met their heroes:


10. Dads were on the cutting edge of fashion:

11. 13-year-olds proved they have a heart as big as them:

12. People went out of their way for teachers:

13. And granddad got a new hat:

14. Kids still cared:

15. Dads got amazing tattoos:

16. Amazing portraits were taken:

17. And people still tried to make other people feel welcome:

18. These parents became Olympic swimmers:

19. This dad lost his dang MIND over an alpaca:

20. This kid answered all our questions:

21. And Earl became the best next-door grandpa a family could have:

22. These bros used their bro-ness for good:

23. This little fella made it 13 years:

24. Restaurants still rolled out the red carpet for anyone:

25. And kids explored and didn't give a hoot:

26. Love still conquered all:

27. Camels reached peak camel:

28. This professor did all he could for his students (and future students):

29. And people still stopped and paid respect:

30. And even though we lost some friends:

31. Grandparents were still in love:

32. People still enjoyed the little things:

33. And wrong numbers showed us that strangers can become family in the blink of an eye: