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24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up 2016

Pretty much.

1. 2016 is this volleyball match:

2. It's this birthday celebration:

3. And this picnic:

4. 2016 is this bottle of Coke:

5. It's this guy trying to put out a fire:

6. And it's this bathroom disaster:

7. 2016 is this photo session:

8. It's this trip to the petting zoo:

9. And it's this bubble catastrophe:

10. 2016 is this delicious stew:

11. It's this delicious ice cream:

12. And it's this delicious pizza:

13. 2016 is this home run:

14. It's this turn of events:

15. And it's this butterfly from hell:

16. 2016 is this man just trying to do his damn job:

17. It's this scale:

18. And this guy:

19. 2016 is this dog:

20. It's this door:

21. And it's this photo op:

22. 2016 is this fire:

23. It's this fast-food disaster:

24. And this fire extinguisher:

But mostly 2016 has been just this:

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