19 Reasons Why Getting Married Isn't Worth It At All

    Are all your friends getting married? HAH, losers.

    1. Your first kiss will probably look like this:

    2. You never know if a naked man will show up and ruin the most important part:

    3. Let's face it, brides are really, really clumsy:

    4. Really, REALLY clumsy:

    5. They just might be the clumsiest:

    6. Or maybe that honor goes to the groom:

    7. Or the best man:

    8. Yeah, definitely the best man:

    9. Actually, nevermind, the photographer wins that prize:

    10. Because your creepy uncle will creep everyone out:

    11. Because the ring bearer will probably ruin everything:

    12. Or the guy holding your cake:

    13. Because throwing the bouquet ALWAYS goes wrong:

    14. Always.

    15. ALWAYS.

    16. Because a dog might decide to go to the bathroom on your special dress:

    17. Or you may mess up your golden photo moment:

    18. But let's be honest, as long as you don't get married on a beach, you should be a-OK:

    19. Seriously.