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    12 English Words That Mean Something Totally Different In Other Languages


    1. Cookie.

    "Small penis" in Hungarian. It's spelled "koki."

    2. Kiss.

    "Pee" in Swedish.

    3. Bite.

    "Penis" in French (it's pronounced slightly differently).

    4. Speed.

    "Fart" in Swedish. As a sidenote, bump is "dump" in Swedish, so speed bump = fart dump.

    5. Payday.

    "I farted" in Portuguese. Spelled "peidei."

    6. Gift.

    "Poison" in German. That's a pretty shitty gift.

    7. Salsa.

    "Diarrhea," or 설사, in Korean.

    8. Peach.

    "Bastard" in Turkish. Spelled "piç."

    9. Pick.

    "Dick" in Norwegian. The actual Norwegian word is "pikk."

    10. Preservative.

    "Condom" in French. The actual spelling is "prezervativ."

    11. Sick.

    "Fuck" in Turkish. Spelled "sik."

    12. LOL.


    "Penis" in Dutch. So next time someone tells you they "did it for the lulz, make sure you give them a real good side-eye.

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