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    • darylo

      So let me get this straight: 33 kids suspended, removed from their prom, and denied the ability to walk their graduation… for DANCING??? What the hell? Is the entire administration made up of the parents from “Footloose?”Ithink it is irrelevant if some people don’t like it, think it’s tacky, or express some other bias against the dance itself. What is their problem? It too closely simulatesasexual act or overtones? Man, that’s all dancing has EVER been. Once again, the INTENT of the students is neglected while they go for the jugular based on loosely interpreted “regulations”. The only thing being “administered” here is intolerance, prejudice, and zealotry based in ignorance. DoIlike it? Nope. WouldIwant my daughterapart of it? Nope. WouldIbe disappointed? Yep. But these are children takingafad and running with it. No one got hurt. (except the pride ofafew) And that is hardly worthy of the heavy handed response of these “Administrators”. The message? “Toe-the-line, kids! Don’t express yourself or have fun… or else!” When will people learn you can not legislate morals.

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