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    While Darin Tino is on court ordered staycation at the Grey Bar Hotel, family & friends will GUEST POST the next six weeks (or less for good behavior)

    Darin Tino's bookie, Vic the Vig says:


    You heard about that all-gal Ghostbusters trying to scare up some box office scratch? You don't wanna know how much them Sony suits got gamblin' on the whole shebang. Hey! How 'bout that? Lady Ghostbusters? Shebang? My first crack doin' one of these and I make one of them smart guy puns. What are the odds? Seriously. There an over-under?

    What was I sayin'..? Oh yeah...

    Kate McKinnon is the breakout star of the new Ghostbusters.

    Columbia Pitcures

    You can bet rival studios are watchin' if Sony's gamble gets the box office greenbacks to double down on a sequel. The suits are keen for a seat on the gender swap bandwagon. Franchises down for a dirtnap are gettin' green lit with a estrogen jump start. And with Kate McKinnon bein' the breakout star of the new Ghostbusters, here's five reasons why the mirth making minx is a front runner to be the female Ace Ventura.

    1. She's the reason to watch Saturday Night Live again.

    NBC / Via

    She's a whirlin' dervish of fresh air, breathin' new vitality into SNL, which - just between me and you and Joey Blabbers behind the bar - has been on life support the last few seasons. McKinnon runs circles around the rest of the cast. Don't get me started on that Mooney kid. Somebody tell him Steven Tyler doesn't sound like Chris Kattan's David Lee Roth impression! Speaking of of those...

    2. Kate's a chameleon.

    NBC / Via

    The list of uncanny celebrity impressions she does is more than the rest of the cast combined. Across the board, Kate kills it consistently with her Hillary Clinton, Iggy Azalea, and get a look at her as Justin Bieber. Word on the street is Biebs lost twenty large tryin' to pick out which one was him.

    3. Boy, can she make with the faces.

    Manasto Jones / Via

    Her metamorphic mug and Looney-Tunes delivery makes the most manic Jim Carey performance seem understated. When it comes to ridiculously over-the-top facial expressions, hands down, Kate would give Carrey a run for his money.

    4. Her comedy chops have her bound for the talk of the town.

    NBC / Via

    I ain't tellin' tales outta school when I say that fella Paul Feig directin' the new Ghostbusters said Kate was the first to be cast. Of that comedically stacked deck, she's the wackadoo wild card. Not only does she hold her own, she steals every scene like a boss. Vegas odds-maker Nicky Nine Fingers says she's a lock to win her Emmy this year for Outstandin' Supportin' Comedy Actress. Gimme a nod and I'll lay a marker for ya.

    5. There ain't a glamorous gloriously goofy weirdo like her.

    GQ magazine / Via

    Off kilter with no filter, Kate's a fine feline kitten kind of moxie that can turn on a dime. Before you know it, you got the same mad McKinnon crush like the rest of us. That kind of stealth meltin' hearts makes Kate the kind of gal you jump at the chance to do the town with, but better bring bail money.

    Kate McKinnon in the role of Ace Ventura? Like a glove.

    Here's looking at you, Kate.

    SNL / Via