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The 15 Types Of People You Meet At A College Bar

You've definitely met them all before.

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9. The freshman using their fake ID for the first time: / Via

This kid wasn't prepared to actually get in and has no idea what drink to order. They'll probably get a vodka soda because they "just don't have the taste for beer yet."

10. The person who should have left 30 minutes ago: / Via

This person cannot speak coherently or walk without assistance. Eventually their slightly-less-drunk friend will get them in a cab while they scream, "Seroslllyy I'm tooottlly fynnne."

12. The senior who is too cool for you: / Via

They're cooler than you and will make sure you know it. They're actually 21 and don't have to worry about memorizing a fake birthday and zip code. They know exactly what to order, and they drink to forget they're graduating in a matter of months.

14. The mom: / Via

She has tissues, snacks, and Band-Aids, and she's everyone's emergency contact. She'll spend the night wishing she could use child leashes to keep her drunk friends from wandering off.

15. The dynamic duo: / Via

They look the same, talk the same, and order the same drink. They got dressed together, came together, and will be attached at the hip all night — until they leave to get pizza together.

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