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The 15 Types Of People You Meet At A College Bar

You've definitely met them all before.

1. The "Woo!" girl: / Via

She's loud, she's proud, and she's on her eighth tequila shot.

2. The girl in the bathroom who thinks you're sooo pretty: / Via

Drunk girls in bathrooms are the nicest people you'll never see again. But you'll always have that low-quality Snapchat selfie.

3. Some guy named Chad: / Via

You know the guy I'm talking about.

4. The birthday girl: / Via

If you couldn't tell by her sash and tiara, don't worry — she'll be screaming it all night while downing free drinks.

5. The guy with a tab: / Via

This guy will start a tab just to impress a girl or show off to his friends. Spending $312 on drinks won't be the only thing he regrets the next morning.

6. The guy who fucking loves college:


If this guy's life had a soundtrack, it would be Asher Roth's "I Love College," no doubt about it.

7. The honorary bro:

FOX / Via

This girl is squad deep with her guy friends and drinks only beer.

8. The person who lost their phone: / Via

They'll ask everyone in the bar to look for their phone until they eventually find it in their back pocket.

9. The freshman using their fake ID for the first time: / Via

This kid wasn't prepared to actually get in and has no idea what drink to order. They'll probably get a vodka soda because they "just don't have the taste for beer yet."

10. The person who should have left 30 minutes ago: / Via

This person cannot speak coherently or walk without assistance. Eventually their slightly-less-drunk friend will get them in a cab while they scream, "Seroslllyy I'm tooottlly fynnne."

11. The kid who knows the bouncer: / Via

This kid has the in, which means no waiting in line and no paying cover. Probably named Chad (see #3).

12. The senior who is too cool for you: / Via

They're cooler than you and will make sure you know it. They're actually 21 and don't have to worry about memorizing a fake birthday and zip code. They know exactly what to order, and they drink to forget they're graduating in a matter of months.

13. The guy who can't flirt: / Via

BUT...listening to him ramble about his toy train collection is better than hearing about Chad's daily workout regimen.

14. The mom: / Via

She has tissues, snacks, and Band-Aids, and she's everyone's emergency contact. She'll spend the night wishing she could use child leashes to keep her drunk friends from wandering off.

15. The dynamic duo: / Via

They look the same, talk the same, and order the same drink. They got dressed together, came together, and will be attached at the hip all night — until they leave to get pizza together.

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