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19 Reasons Costa Rica's Having More Fun Than The Rest Of Us

Two words: Pura. Vida.

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1. Costa Rica's the happiest country in the world. And that's no mistake.

2. If you lived in Costa Rica, you'd always have great surf nearby.


3. A walk through your neighborhood would look like this.

4. And every night, you'd watch sunsets like this.

5. All while eating feasts like this.

6. And drinking one of the best beers in the world.

7. How could you not be happy when your neighbors look like this?

8. Or this!

9. How magical is Costa Rica? Here, the chocolate literally grows on trees.

10. Even the sloths are insanely happy.

Flickr: 28759204@N00

Costa Rica's home to one of the biggest sloth sanctuaries in the world.


Looking good, guys!

12. Here, people are always outdoors, doing amazing things.

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Like going on canopy tours, which are really popular in Costa Rica.

13. It's no surprise that with a country like this, Costa Rica's also of the greenest countries on Earth.

14. And one of the best places in the world to go diving.

15. Plus, Costa Ricans really love animals — and do a lot to help animals in need.

16. And there's one more reason to be excited about Costa Rica: If you lived here, you'd be celebrating the Ticos.

17. Who won Group D, and then beat Greece to make the round of eight.

AP Photo/Petr David Josek

18. We get it Costa Rica. Your country is pretty amazing — both on and off the fields.

AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan

19. No matter what happens in this World Cup, we know: You've already won.

AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan

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