18 People Who Really Need To Learn Some Geography

Maps are hard. Not that hard, though.

1. No, that’s not Virginia.

2. No, that’s not what North Carolina looks like.

3. No, that’s not even close to Idaho.

4. When did Nevada move so far east?

5. Has anyone ever seen upstate New York before?

6. When did we get rid of New Hampshire?

7. Seriously, does anyone know what New Hampshire looks like?

.@politico accuses New Hampshire of being Vermont! #libel

— Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon)

9. Maybe let’s all just brush up on our New England geography. Connecticut is sometimes tough to find — but not THAT tough.

10. Kansas City isn’t in the state you’d expect.

(Though there is a Kansas City, Kansas!)

11. Wisconsin isn’t quite that far west.

12. And Alabama and Mississippi didn’t just switch places.

13. International geography needs some work, too. That doesn’t look like London at all.

US TV knowledge of Britain.

— David Eckhoff (@theroyalfactor)

14. Canada and Mexico might not be pleased to learn that they’re now part of the “homeland.”

Alex Wong / Getty Images

15. Sydney didn’t move more than a thousand miles north.

16. That’s not Nigeria (though it’s kinda close).

Dear @CNN, the area you marked "Nigeria" is actually "Niger"; Nigeria is the area below it. Get a map-reader, please!

— Gimba Kakanda (@gimbakakanda)

17. That’s not South Africa (and it’s not really close at all).

18. And no, CNN, that is definitely not China.

h/t to the Washington Post for initially rounding up several of the tweets here.

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