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People Think The Story About A Guy Getting Caught Cheating On Burger King's Instagram Is Fake AF


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A story about a guy's girlfriend using Burger King's Instagram page to catch him taking his side chick out went viral this week.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The story was covered by several news outlets, including The Sun and Mail Online.

The Sun / Via

The argument appears to have taken place in the comments of this photo in January. 👀

A man with the username @jordan_vonsmith86 commented about his "girl's" drive-through order taking too long, but ended up being caught by his actual girlfriend, @shanlee_rose.


And they both called for backup by tagging their friends.


The girlfriend ended up breaking up with the boyfriend, telling him his "shit's outside".


People rushed to the Burger King Instagram page to search for the argument themselves. 🕵️


But straightaway people were also wondering whether it was fake. 🤔


One commenter got very angry.


Someone called it "super fake".


So could the story of the apparent breakup as reported by Mail Online be real, or nah?

It appears the story was first published on The Chive when the comments were made in January.

The Chive

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the boyfriend and girlfriend in the story, but has not heard back.

But a reverse image search of the picture on the @shanlee_rose profile brings up pre-wedding photos belonging to a woman called "Jewel Holland".


And her friend @shari8212 is also not who she appears to be. A search of her profile picture takes you to an Observer article from 2013.


The photo is of Israeli radio host Chemda Khalili.

Similarly, when searching for Shannon's other friend, "Brittanie Jacks", @89tenavi...


...the result is also a stock photo, and a search for the name "Brittanie Jacks" brings up nothing.

@teksomolika / Hrecheniuk Oleksii / freepik / Via

A search for the boyfriend's profile picture, meanwhile, appears to bring up nothing at all.


BuzzFeed News has reached out to Burger King for its take on the whole thing, but has not received a response.

So is the breakup story real or not?

Probably not, but that didn't stop people from reporting on it as if it were real.


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