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    The North American Cryptid Map

    A comprehensive guide to the whereabouts of (possibly fake) real monsters.

    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    In other words: a real monster (that may not actually be real). They exist in folklore and blurry photographs and not much else, but that shouldn't stop you from believing in them. After all, many of the exotic animals we are familiar with today were once cryptids. Kangaroos, gorillas, and squids at one point were just eyewitness accounts explained to skeptical people back home.

    So here's a handy guide in case you decide to go looking for a cryptid near you:

    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed


    Iliamna Lake Monster (Alaska): A wolf-headed orca first spotted by indigenous tribes.

    Waheela (Northwest Territories, Canada): giant wolf, possibly prehistoric.

    Adlet (Hudson Bay, Canada): a tribe of dog-men, from Inuit legends.

    Wendigo (Canada): a cannibalistic creature known to steal the characteristics of the animals and humans that it's

    Memphre (Quebec, Canada): a long-necked lake monster.

    Shuswaggi (British Columbia, Canada): an enormous snake-like lake creature.

    Ogopogo (British Columbia, Canada): an enormous snake-like lake creature.

    Turtle Lake Monster (Saskatchewan, Canada): a dog/pig/horse hybrid lake creature.

    Manipogo (Manitoba, Canada): another serpentine lake creature.


    Champ (Lake Champlain, New York & Vermont): one more serpentine lake creature.

    Jersey Devil (New Jersey): a winged goat demon.

    Dover Demon (Massachusetts): a large-eyed humanoid seen in April 1977.


    Beast of Bray Road (Wisconsin): a bear/wolf-like humanoid.

    Frogman (Loveland, Ohio): a humanoid frog.

    Oklahoma Octopus (Oklahoma): A giant octopus, rumored to be found in freshwater lakes.


    Batsquatch (Mount St. Helens, Washington): A winged-humanoid.

    Sasquatch(Pacific Northwest): also known as Bigfoot, the ape-like humanoid and most famous of all cryptids.

    Sharlie (Idaho): A serpent-like lake monster.

    Tessie (Lake Tahoe, CA): A serpent-like lake monster.

    Bear Lake Monster (Idaho): A dinosaur-like lake monster


    Mogollon Monster (Arizona): a Bigfoot-like humanoid.

    Skinwalker (Southwestern U.S.): a Native American legend of shape-shifting humanoids that some have claimed to witness.

    Thunderbird (Western U.S.): giant birds

    Ozark Howler (Midwestern U.S.): a horned cat/bear hybrid that is known to let out a terrifying wail.

    Lake Worth Monster (Texas): a vicious goat-man.

    Chupacabra (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Southwest): a bloodsucking creature first sighted in 1995. Descriptions vary from a scaly reptile to a dog-like kangaroo.


    Pope Lick Monster (Kentucky): a horned goat-man known to be found near railroad trestles.

    Altamaha-ha (Georgia): a sea-monster known to live in mouths of Georgia's rivers.

    Swamp Ape (Florida): also known as the Skunk Ape. A furry humanoid creature.

    Scape Ore Swamp Lizard Man (South Carolina): A reptilian humanoid.

    Mothman (West Virginia): a winged humanoid with glowing eyes.

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