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Here’s What The Cast Of "Scooby Doo" Looks Like Now


In 1969, four young Americans and their dog dropped out of college to drive around and solve mysteries. But that was over 45 years ago...


Fun Fact: Daphne now lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with her third husband, a retired orthopedic surgeon. The mystery she's currently trying to solve is how to program the DVR.


Fun Fact: After the "mystery years" Fred went back to graduate school and became a financial advisor. He voted for Mitt Romney and his daughter had a drug problem for a while (but she's fine now).


Fun Fact: After all that ghost hunting, Velma became fascinated by the paranormal. She moved to Sedona, Arizona, where she makes jewelry from "healing crystals." She shares a house with her friend Lynn.


Fun Fact: Shaggy lives in Northern California and remembers very little of his mystery-solving days. He lost most of his savings in a vitamin sales pyramid scheme a few years back. He still has a lot of fear issues.

Scooby Doo

Fun Fact: So sorry to be the bearer of bad news... He lived almost 14 years, and that's really long for a dog, especially Great Danes, who usually have a lot of health problems. He was an amazing dog. He really was. Miss that dog.

Scrappy Doo

Fun Fact: Scrappy Doo was "accidentally" left behind by the gang at a truck stop somewhere in Texas. He went through a series of foster families, but ultimately his "puppy power" proves too challenging for owners. But if you're interested in adopting Scrappy click here.