21 Reasons Why Calico Cats Are The Best Cats

    Orange, black, white, and awesome.

    1. Calico Cats are Magical.

    2. It's like having 3 cats in one.

    3. 99.99% of Calicos are Female!

    4. You can't breed them. Because of magic and science

    5. Of the 1 in 3000 male calicos that are born, almost all of them are sterile.

    6. Over centuries, they migrated from Egypt to your living room.

    7. They protect humans with their magic powers.

    8. They also protect humans with non-magic powers.

    9. They cure warts!

    10. They are known to have sweet personalities.

    11. They've been beloved in Japan for centuries.

    12. European painters liked them too.

    Especially 18th century French painter Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, who really had a knack for capturing the way calico cats will mess with seafood that's hanging from a hook.

    13. These Japanese figurines are all based on calico cats.

    14. A calico cat saved a railway station in Japan from being closed down.

    15. There was a famous one in Australia, too.

    Marzipan was a calico who lived in the Astor Theatre in Melbourne. For 21 years, she greeted moviegoers in the lobby as they entered and left the theatre and sometimes even climbed on to people's laps as they enjoyed a movie. Sadly, she died last year and the city held a memorial.

    16. Look at Pudge. Look at her.

    17. She looks like cookie dough ice cream, right?

    Via Flickr: bluebunnyicecream

    They all do.

    18. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft thought they were a sign the devil.*

    19. Calicos are The Official State Cat of Maryland.

    20. They may hold the answers to curing obesity in humans.

    21. Even when they're rabid they're cute