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    20 Awesome Coats Of Arms

    Step aside, flags.

    Flags are overrated. Coat of Arms is where the action is.

    Just about every city, county, and nation in this world has its own emblem; its own hand-crafted logo passed down from one generation to the next to illustrate something about the spirit of that place.

    Some are so awesome that they deserve a closer look.

    1. Arkhangelsk, Russia

    2. Botswana

    3. Zheleznogorsk

    4. Thailand

    5. Irkutsk, Russia

    6. Palau

    7. Mongolia

    8. Vahrushev, Russia

    9. Grenada

    10. The Bahamas

    11. White Rock, Canada

    12. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    13. Nunavut, Canada

    14. Oxford, UK

    15. South Ossetia

    16. Toronto

    17. City of Abaza, Russia

    18. Cambodia

    19. Australia