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Now There's Yet Another "Doctor Who" Minisode

The Last Day has gone online. And all is not well on Gallifrey.

And so the endless cruel tease continues with another minisode, The Last Day.


It's not as exciting as the last one (because what could be?) but it's exciting all the same. It is Gallifrey. We get a gritty, claustrophobic sequence from the point of view of a Time Lord warrior having an upgrade chip put in his brain ahead of battle. Look, there's the Seal Of Rassilon on the other guy's shoulders.

The chip can have the unfortunate side-effect of spasms of screeching agony.


Meanwhile, The Last Day came with another now-traditional release blunder. It was put up on iTunes this afternoon, supposedly for free. But UK users were charged £2.49 for the three-minute download. THIS IS NOT WHAT I PAY MY LICENSE FEE FOR etc. The BBC have since confirmed that this was a mistake and will soon be rectified, telling Radio Times: "this is an error on the part of iTunes. This should have been free. We’re waiting to hear back from them about how this will be rectified."

Anyway, the brain chip can also cause nasty hallucinations.


We are then introduced to a more senior Time Lord soldier and things get even more ominous.


"Don't give him the speech."

"You said not to scare him."

"It's usually the speech that scares them."

But it's okay, because protected as it is by 400 sky trenches, Arcadia is the safest place on Gallifrey.


Immediate fangasm as mythology begins to play out. In Doomsday, the Tenth Doctor told Dalek Sec: "I was there at the Fall of Arcadia. Someday I might even come to terms with that."

Although, to be honest, these gruff, soldierish Time Lords are still taking a bit of getting used to.


But there's no time to worry about any of that because, look what's this this on the scanner?


A Dalek has made it through the 400 sky trenches, and so it looks like the Last Great Time War is... beginning?

Yeah, this is bad.


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