Joanna Lumley Dressed Up As “Game Of Thrones” Because Why Not?

The beloved actress has now added dragon-slaying to her list of many talents.

1. For Sky’s new publicity campaign, Joanna Lumley has dressed up as characters from a selection of classic TV shows.


The pictures are to promote the new Sky Box Sets service, which has just been added to the On Demand service. A load of new box sets will added from October 1.

2. Here is Joanna dressed up as druid figure with a beard.


Joanna said: “It was fabulous playing so many of the characters from Sky’s TV Box Sets; it’s not every day you get to audition to be Daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons.”

3. Although interestingly, none of the pictures actually depict her as Daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons.


4. Here is Joanna pretending to ride a horse with her acting.


5. She also dressed up as a sexy zombie from The Walking Dead.


6. As well as a sexy doctor from Grey’s Anatomy.


7. And here’s three Joannas as Game Of Thrones characters.


That sword might have come in useful when she was battling for the Gurkhas.

8. If they ever added Absolutely Fabulous, things would get incredibly ‘meta’.

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