Here's Your First Look At The "Doctor Who" 50th Special

The countdown to November has begun. Get on board now, because there's no escaping this anymore.

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The first image from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special has been released.


It's exciting enough to see Ten and Eleven and John Hurt's 'X' together. But if you look to the left of the Dalek on 'X''s leg, you can clearly see the words 'Bad Wolf'. Any fan knows how significant this is.

If you remember correctly, the saddest thing ever happened on Bad Wolf Bay. Ten and Rose were separated forever.


But the Bad Wolf story was really all to do with Nine, so what can this all mean?

Today it was announced that the 75-minute 3D special is called The Day Of The Doctor.


We also already knew that Billie Piper was coming back as Rose, Jenna Coleman would remain as Clara, and that Joanna Page would appear as a mystery character.

We're not allowed to tell you who Joanna Page is playing, but we suppose it can't hurt to say that it's someone the Doctor has met before.

Also, Professor Brian Cox will present a lecture about the real-life science behind the Doctor Who fiction.

And that's not all we're getting over the anniversary weekend. BBC Four will screen the first-ever serial, An Unearthly Child in full, BBC Two will feature an appreciation from historian and lifelong fan Matthew Sweet, and BBC Three is planning a wealth of fun documentary material. Full details from our friends at Blogtor Who.