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    Dolphins Like Radiohead And Science Has Proved This

    We always thought that of all the sea mammals, they had the most impeccable taste. Now it is confirmed.

    Siegfried And Roy's Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat in Las Vegas have noticed something interesting happen at their Yoga With Dolphins classes.

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    Classes are hosted in a windowed room next to the dolphin enclosure. Instructor Willow Withy (because of course that's her name) has noticed a change in their behaviour when she puts the music on. She told RadarOnline: "Our dolphins seem to really resonate with Radiohead music, especially the song "Lotus Flower"."

    "Lotus Flower", you may remember, is the one where Thom Yorke does the dancing.

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    Willow says the song makes the dolphins happy.

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    She continued: "As soon as I put it on, they come up to the window and their play patterns become more fluid, friendly, and they are curious about what is going on in the yoga room. They rub their noses against the windows, walls, and express more sensory communication. It feels like a mutually shared experience as they appreciate the yoga and music together. I would say they are happy."

    The only other soundtrack to elicit a similar response in the dolphins is the sitar music of Anoushka Shankar."

    There is a scientific basis to this.

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    Tori Cullins of the Wild Dolphin Foundation said: "Different types of music different effects. The percussive tunes seem to provoke the most interesting responses. It is a tell-tale sign when they look into the windows that the sounds are changing their behaviour."

    She added: "I haven't heard of them listening specifically to Radiohead, but it is common knowledge among our community that they like new-agey music like Enya. Rock music tends to stress them out and jazz is the worst, while classical and country music has seen them relaxed. Human beings react in different ways to music so it is logical that certain music can trigger different reactions."

    So to recap, this...

    ...leads directly to this.

    Dolphin disco!

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