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27 Excellent Things Manchester Gave The World

"Manchester is the belly and guts of the nation." - George Orwell

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3. The London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The handiwork of one Danny Boyle, of Radcliffe, Bury, Greater Manchester.

6. Tony Wilson.

Getty / Jo Hale

Only in Manchester could the local newsreader turn music mogul when, but that's what happened when Wilson, from Granada Reports happened upon a new band called Joy Division and founded Factory Records.

8. British dance music.

Marko Djurica / Reuters

After Ian Curtis' suicide, Joy Division started hanging out in New York gay clubs and became New Order, inadvertently kicking off the clubbing revolution in the UK.

9. The modern British boyband.

Tim Roney

Sure, their svengali Nigel Martin-Smith may have just been attempting a British New Kids On The Block knock-off when he assembled Take That, but once they ditched the dodgy leather outfits, the whole thing exploded in a way that would redefine pop music.

11. The football team as global brand.

It was a significant moment when Manchester United dropped by the 'Football Club' bit from their logo. Indeed, everyone who actually lives in Manchester actually supports City.

13. Canal Street.

Getty / Nathan Cox

The area around Canal Street became one of the UK's most thriving and active gay communities in the early 90s, making a point of referring to itself as a 'gay village'. Instrumental in this was the opening of Bar Manto, which pointedly had glass walls on the front so everyone could see what was going on, a pointed move away from the previously furtive nature of the scene.

15. The Doctor Who revival.

The success of Queer As Folk in turn made RTD one of the most powerful writers in British television. When the BBC were courting him, the Manchester resident and lifelong fan used his bargaining power to broker a deal that would see Doctor Who return to TV screens.

18. A decent Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Danny Martindale / WireImage / Getty Images

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show is good again. And it's good again because of a boy from Oldham called Nick Grimshaw.

22. The Rolls-Royce.

Getty / Matt Cardy

Because Henry Royce made his first, the Two Cylinder Royce 10 in a Manchester factory in 1904, and then met Charles Rolls at the Midland Hotel in May that year.

25. Parliamentary reform.

Getty / Hulton Archive

There was nothing excellent about the horrific Peterloo Massacre of 1819, but historians point to it as being one of the most significant events on the road towards universal suffrage in the UK.

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