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    11 Pictures Of Naked Men You Can Gawp At For A Good Cause

    It's for charity, guys. Charity.

    1. So the annual Gay Times naked issue is out and there is rather a lot of this sort of thing.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    Former X Factor contestant and TV presenter Jake Quickenden showing off his, erm, tatts. There are 36 guys doing similar in the special issue, which is out this week. In the interests of public service internet we provide you with a selection here.

    2. Big Brother winner Sam Evans took part in the shoot which is definitely for a good cause.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    Readers can download certain images using special codes in the magazine. Funds from the downloaded images go to the National AIDS Trust, the UK's leading charity dedicated to transforming society's response to HIV.

    3. Oh look, it's Alex Reid in the buff.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    Katie Price's ex bares more than just his butt-cheeks in what is probably his frankest interview ever. "Out of all the people I've slept with, only 5% were the same sex," says the cagefighter and model. "I used to care if that would surprise people but now I don't. I feel Western society is on the cusp of a transition where people are more liberated. Look at Tom Hardy. He's a proper alpha male and has spoken about having a bit of bum fun and it doesn't matter. The difference between him and me is that he doesn't talk about it." Well, I never.

    4. Strictly star Robin Windsor didn't need much persuading.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    "I'm very happy with my upper body," he says, "but I've always had very skinny legs and I never ever get them out in public unless it's a complete necessity. In the summer you'll never see me in shorts as I always get a little bit intimidated if I have to get my legs out. If I could wish for anything it would be chunky thighs."

    5. Ritchie Neville from 5ive was not afraid to get his hits out for the lads.

    Millvres / GT

    "It was a band policy not to do shirtless shots because all the other boybands did it, so we decided not to," says one of the stars of The Big Reunion. "A lot of people did presume I was gay," he remembers. "I even saw a comment the other day saying, 'oh, he's straight', so they've spent 20 years thinking I was gay. Men would come on to me all the time. But my Mum's brother was a raving queen who was really flamboyant and funny, so I've been used to being around gay people all my life."

    6. Robin also appears on one of the four covers.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    "Most of my following on Twitter are gay men and middle-aged women," he explains. "I find it hard to understand but the housewives are all still under the impression that I'm straight and some people think Lisa [Reilly, his dance partner last year] and I were actually having a relationship. I think they see me as this caring, nurturing kind of guy with my partners and in their heads they'd like me to be that kind of person for them."

    7. There are 36 guys in total, including ice-skater and actor Matt Evers relaxing on a stool.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    The full list: Alex Reid, Robin Windsor, Jake Quickenden, Ritchie Neville, Lee Brennan, Christopher Maloney, Matt Evers, Ashley McKenzie, Jeremy McConnell, Richard Cull, the cast of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Luke White, Underground Ally, Ross Wild, Gavin James Bower, Luke Shayler, Trent Owers, The Risk, Chris Hardman, the seven brothers from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Sam Evans.

    8. This picture of Christopher Maloney from last year's X Factor has already gone viral.

    Millvres / Dylan Rosser

    "It was quite liberating to be honest," he says. "Throughout my life I've had body issues and I'd worry if I looked too thin, too fat, too white or if I wasn't toned enough. It was really difficult to pluck up the courage to do it but I'd do it again."

    9. Here's another one of Jake for luck.

    Millvres / GT

    Editor Darren Scott said: "Christmas has come early thanks to everyone at Gay Times! The Naked Issue is our most anticipated issue of the year and once again the team at GT have risen to the occasion, making this the best naked issue of any magazine out there. Featuring the photography of Dylan Rosser, our annual naked issue is simply outstanding. It's a delight to be able to bring this to people once again, and to work with the National AIDS trust to raise awareness."

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