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    Looking To Cut Down On Waste? Check Out These 43 Products

    Simple swaps to help you create less day-to-day trash.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of shockingly absorbent reusable Swedish dishcloths for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges and paper towels. Unlike regular dishcloths, these can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between uses so you know it's not harboring any unwanted germs.


    Use these again and again and compost them when you're done since they're made of natural cellulose and cotton.

    Promising review: "I originally picked these up to use in lieu of nasty, nasty dishrags that invoke my inner THIS IS NOT CLEAN demon. Since then, I have used them for everything from cleaning the kitchen to wiping up spills. After use, just toss in the wash and they are ready to go again. They are the perfect size and do an excellent job on every task to which I have applied them. They come in a variety of fun prints and I have yet to wear one out. Paper towel usage has taken a real nose dive, which is a good thing given its relative scarcity at present." —sandra simpson-kraft

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $14.40+ (available in 10 styles).

    2. A pack of reusable silicone lids that have a seemingly endless list of uses. Top off a saucepan, store leftovers, keep food warm while cooking — all without needing to use any single-use plastic wrap!


    Promising review: "I love to use these lids both for my pots and pans when I’m simmering, as well as for airtight lids with my leftovers. I have a lot of assorted food storage containers and bowls without dedicated lids so it’s nice to have an option aside from plastic wrap or tin foil. All of the size options in the set makes this product extremely useful" —Chasedboyd1

    Get a five-pack from Food52 for $40 (available in two colors).

    3. A pack of refillable K-Cups you can fill with your favorite coffee to save loads of money (and plastic).

    These BPA-free plastic cups are designed to work in any Keurig brewer, old or new!

    Promising review: "Really like these reusable K-Cups. I hated wasting so much plastic using regular K-Cups and found this to use as an alternative. I have had these for two years and they have held up great! Easily to fill, clean really nicely, and no complaints! And it's great you can put your own coffee in so you're not stuck to certain brands or flavors. Highly recommend if you are trying to be more environmentally friendly." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95+ (available in packs of two or four).

    4. A washable sponge to replace the probably-kinda-smelly disposable sponge you're currently using. These work just as well, and can be tossed in the washing machine or dishwasher and reused again and again!

    Marley's Monsters / Etsy

    Based in Oregon, Marley's Monsters creates colorful zero-waste swaps for everyday paper essentials.

    Promising review: "This is my second time purchasing these sponges. Love them! I'm going on a whole year with my first two sponges and just wanted to buy a few more as gifts and to add another sponge into my rotation. Great quality." —lilflostein

    Get it from Marley's Monsters on Etsy for $10+ (available in four backing colors and also in packs of three).

    5. Reusable produce bags for cutting down your single-use plastic consumption at the grocery store or farmers market! Plus, these have a drawstring closure, which is way more convenient than standing in the middle of the aisle trying to knot the top of those flimsy plastic bags.

    Loosewarp / Etsy

    Loosewarp is a Jackson, New Jersey-based small business supplying all your reusable produce bag needs for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Each set comes with six bags: two small, two medium, and two large.

    Promising review: "These are so great! Exactly what I hoped for. They feel like excellent quality! I have already had to wash one of them and it was easy to do. I only hand-washed a small portion but the gross wet lettuce/dirt stain came out great." —Anna Higgins

    Get a six-pack from Loosewarp on Etsy for $12.74.

    6. Reusable Stasher food storage bags so ditching those single-use plastic baggies is easy! These airtight pouches come in a range of sizes and are safe to use in the microwave and freezer. Then just toss 'em in the dishwasher for easy cleaning!,

    Promising review: "We've been using all sizes of Stasher bags for nearly a year — mostly food-related — and have not had any issues with a single one. We use them to keep crackers, chips, and bread from getting stale after opened; to keep leftovers in the fridge or freezer; pack sandwiches, meds, dog food, or treats; and so many more things. We sous vide in them, heat up food in the microwave in them, put them in the dishwasher, and marinate in them. They don't leak, they don't smell, are easy to close and open, and don't take up much room compared to traditional Tupperware or other food storage. If you put squishy stuff or liquid in there, soaking with baking soda and vinegar for 30 minutes can make sure the crevices don’t mold as some reviewers mention. They do cost more than regular plastic baggies and require more work because, obviously, you don't just use them once — make the switch and stop with the single-use plastics." —Maison Leach

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97+ (available in seven sizes and in 14 colors).

    7. A set of reusable shopping bags that fold up tiny enough to keep in a purse or backpack so you're always prepared to say no to the inevitable "Do you need a bag?" question.


    Made of recycled ripstop nylon, these bags are super durable, hold A TON, and are safe to machine wash!

    Promising review: "I purchased a set since my state has banned plastic bags this year. BAGGU is very convenient. I keep one bag in my purse and the other two bags in my car for the grocery. I really appreciate that the bags are compact and washable. If I purchase milk, seafood and meat, I can wash the bag before the next use. I definitely plan to purchase another set." —Melissa Hulihan

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $36

    8. A Tushy bidet attachment for a true revo-loo-tionary toilet upgrade that'll keep your tushy in tip-top shape without the need for toilet paper.


    It comes with everything they need to install their bidet in under 10 minutes! And there's a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if they find the bidet life isn't for them, you can get a refund and buy them something else.

    Promising review: "As a resident of the U S of A, bidets are a foreign concept to most. I installed this in literally 10 minutes. Ever since the install I have stopped drinking coffee in the morning. I wake up sit on the Tushy and fire away. What a way to start the day. As for doing number 2, I laugh at all you TP users; the Tushy is amazing and I can't poop anywhere that doesn't have one. I have been a Squatty Potty user for many years and now coupled with a Tushy, my bathroom experience is off the charts. So for any of you skeptics out there buy this and thank me later." —Brian Piccoli

    Get it from Amazon for $79+ (available in four colors).

    9. Or a Fohm dispenser if you're not ready to give up on TP entirely. It transforms any standard piece of toilet paper into a cleansing wet wipe for a more *booty-ful* clean that won't clog your toilet!

    A hand holding some toilet paper with foam on it under the Fohm dispenser next to a roll of toilet paper and a potted plant
    Fohm Co

    Fohm Co is a small biz that was launched in 2019 by husband-and-wife duo Jerry and Alissa with the goal of redefining the flushable wipe industry with a system that is better for your butts, your pipes, and the planet.

    My roommates and I have been living the Fohm life for the last few months and couldn't be happier with it! It's sort of difficult to find a good spot for the dispenser (a wall mount by the TP holder would be 10/10), but otherwise, it's perfect! We just keep it on the back of the toilet and you get all the benefits of a wet wipe without the microplastics, plumbing damage, and waste! And you actually end up using less toilet paper than you would without it!

    Once you have the starter Bathroom Kit, you'll just need to buy foam refills, which you can automatically have sent to your door every six or 10 months.

    Get a dispenser and a bottle of cleanser from Fohm Co for $44+ (available in larger quantities).

    10. A beginner-friendly menstrual cup for a one-and-done purchase you'll keep for years that won't fill up your trash or empty your wallet like other period products. Just imagine — no more emergency runs to pick up tampons because your period came early.


    The thing that freaked me out the most about menstrual cups was the thought of having to get up there and break the seal to take it out. So when I saw the Flex Cup, which is specifically designed to make that process easier, I figured why not give it a try. This is a purchase I would definitely file under the "life-changing" category. Yes, there is a learning curve, but by my second cycle with the cup I felt like a pro. Even with the pull-tab taking it out can be a little messy (I tend to just do it in the shower), but it's definitely a more controlled experience than if it wasn't there at all. The Flex Cup has made my period less awful. A true feat!

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in two sizes).

    11. Or, try Thinx period underwear that'll make managing your flow as easy (and comfortable) as putting on underwear.

    @shethinx / Via, Thinx

    I had my eye on a pair of Thinx period underwear for some time. Finally, they had a sale and I took the plunge. I still only have one pair (which obviously you need more to use them for your whole period), but I use it in combination with a menstrual cup. The Thinx are particularly great to sleep in! So comfortable, and they just feel like a slightly bulkier pair of normal underwear. They wash up great and I have no complaints! I plan to add a couple more for lighter days, soon!

    Between each wear, just toss your Thinx in the wash on cold (skip the bleach and softener) then line dry!

    Get it from Thinx for $34 (available in sizes XXS–3XL and in two colors).

    12. A stainless-steel strainer and saucer set so you can ditch your single-use tea bags (many use plastic sealants and aren't biodegradable) and indulge in an eco-friendly tea time with tasty loose leaf teas.,

    I started drinking more loose leaf tea as a way to cut down on the waste of tea bags (It's also more delicious IMO, which doesn't hurt). I settled on a two-pack of these strainers after another, more cutesy strainer ball left me choking back a mouthful of tea leaves when prepping one of my finer rooibos teas. These have been great for close to two years now. I love that they hook onto the mug and come with a little saucer to set the strainer on when it's finished steeping.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (also available in packs of two).

    13. A slim lay-flat water bottle that's stylish, space-efficient, and will leave you happy and hydrated while your friends hit up the corner store for a $6 bottle of water.

    A square, flat laying water bottle sitting on a table with a laptop and newspaper

    It's made from BPA-free plastic and is completely dishwasher safe – just remove the strap!

    Promising review: "I was looking for a sleek bottle that fits in my small cross-body bags and came across this style of flasks. So far it works great — sleek, nice materials, no leaks. It looks like an Apple product given the colors and always elicits some compliments." —Norris Vivatrat

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in four colors).

    14. A compost bin for food scraps that's sleek enough to keep on the counter, but it doesn't have to stay there; it comes with a mounting bracket for the inside of cabinet doors!


    *Promising review: "I never knew how awful my metal compost bin was until I got this beauty! Easy to open with one hand, the bag stays in place, and it's lightweight. Everything that's wrong with the traditional countertop compost bin, this bin solves. Life-changing." —Emma

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two colors).

    15. A makeup erasing cloth to gently — but effectively — remove your makeup with just a little bit of water. Plus, it's reusable! Once it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash.

    BuzzFeed writer removing bright red lipstick with the makeup erasing cloth
    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Why am I just now knowing about this product??? I bought this to save money from using the disposable makeup removers, not believing it would actually work. This towel is nothing short of amazing! I wet it, then remove even the toughest long-wearing makeup in minutes. And when I’m done, I use hand soap to clean it. I’m so glad I found this. If you’re trying to reduce your personal contribution to the world’s waste, give up the makeup wipes and try this towel. You’ll thank me. Trust me." —Gospelqueen

    Get it from Amazon for $20.

    This is our mid-priced pick for the best makeup remover! Plus, check out my colleague's MakeUp Eraser review for more deets!

    16. A pack of glass straws you can reuse again and again for all your sustainable sippin' needs! They're wide enough to easily drink your favorite smoothie (and cute to boot).

    A glass straw in a cup of water with lemon

    These straws come with two brushes for easy cleaning.

    Promising review: "There is always a concern with glass. Is it sharp? Is it too small or too large? I have to say, I was very impressed. The glass straws are about the same size as a 'Golden Arches' straw so the size is just about right. The ends are rolled and polished for smoothness and durability. I can detect no difference in size between the straws — all are uniform and well-made. A very good purchase!" —Ron C

    Get an eight-pack (four bent, four straight) from Amazon for $7.99.

    17. A biodegradable phone case because have you ever thought about how many phone cases you've owned? Probably a lot — all of them made from plastic. These ones keep the sturdy protection and skip the plastic, so it won't be sitting in a landfill long after you've upgraded to the latest model.

    @pelacase / Via, @pelacase / Via

    The Pela Case is made of Flaxstic®, which is comprised of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. When you're ready to retire your phone case, you can send it back to Pela and it will either be composted or upcycled into a new case. You can also toss it in your home composting bin.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (compatible with Apple iPhone and Android Google and Samsung models) and Pela for $39.95+ (compatible with Apple iPhone and Android Google, Samsung, and Huawei models).

    18. An all-natural shampoo bar for cutting single-use plastics from you haircare routine. Did I mention their formula is vegan and sulfate-free. Oh — and there's plastic-free conditioner, too!

    A stack of four different-colored shampoo soap bars

    by Humankind is a small biz creating personal care products to help reduce our global dependence on single-use plastics, with formulas that are healthier for the planet (and you) too. They've also been proudly carbon neutral since 2019!

    Get it from Humankind for $15 (available in four scents).

    19. A rechargeable electric lighter that's wind-proof, splash-proof, portable, and just overall very nice to look at. Your candle-game just got an upgrade!

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "I got the three pack, one for me and two as gifts to friends who are trying to reduce waste. We all love these lighters because a single charge really does last, we don't have to buy any more disposable lighters for the foreseeable future, and the length is perfect for hard-to-reach wicks. Getting used to how to place the arc on the wick and understanding that there was a safety timeout took me a bit to get used to but wasn't frustrating." —Salim

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (also available in a pack of three).

    20. Handmade UNpaper towels that roll up just like regular paper towels, but can be reused! Made from absorbent cotton flannel with durable serged edges, they wash clean with a regular load of laundry after sopping up a spill.


    Promising review: "Just got the UNpaper towels and I am very happy with them. They look great, work great, and I’m really happy to be done using paper towels!" —R

    Get a 24-pack from Amazon for $64.99 (available in ten styles).

    21. A S'well water bottle with a gorgeous teakwood finish that'll house all your on-the-go beverages without the single-use plastics. It's insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with no leaking or sweating!


    Keep in mind, S'well bottles are hand-wash only!

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this bottle for years now and it’s been through hell and back. I’ve dropped it so many times that it’s dented and doesn’t stand upright correctly anymore, but it still doesn’t leak and keeps my water ice cold all day! I recently bought a new one so I can have a “pretty” one and my banged-up one. I love love love them!" —Carley Bockenstedt

    Get it from Amazon for $20.04+ (available in three sizes and in 42 styles).

    22. A packable cutlery set so you never have to say "Oh, I forgot my reusable straw at home" ever again! That (and a whole lot more) fits in the included storage case for convenient carrying.

    In a pre-COVID world, I was someone who worked in an office and often ate lunch at said office. I was not loving how much plastic cutlery I was going through every day bringing lunch back to my desk, so I bought this little set to keep in my work tote. It makes it so that when I grab a takeout lunch, I don't have to use any plastic cutlery in the process. And I always have a straw on me when I grab a coffee or smoothie!

    This set includes: a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw cleaning brush, straight straw, bent straw, and a carrying case.

    Get an eight-piece set from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in five colors).

    23. A 3-in-1 tool that does the work of a dust-removing garment brush, pet hair-busting lint roller, and a heel-protecting shoehorn all in one. In this case, less really is more!,

    Promising review: "Great at removing the lint from my wool coat. I had a scarf that shed all over my coat and made my expensive coat look like garbage. This got every last piece of lint off my coat and it looks great again. I love that it is reusable and I don’t have to buy wasteful plastic refill sheets in order to use this brush. I used the bristle side to remove some dirt from my suede boots. I haven’t tried the shoehorn feature but everything else works great and I would recommend this to anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the adhesive covered plastic rollers." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    24. A rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank for charging devices on the go. It's perfect for anyone who doesn't have the patience to wait and shake those single-use hand warmers for what feels like ages.


    This hand warmer heats up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) with high and low settings for just the right amount of warmth. The battery lasts for roughly three hours when fully charged.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95.

    25. A plastic-free food wrap made from biodegradable cotton and beeswax – unlike plastic wrap, it can be reused for up to a year before needing to be replaced.


    Beeswax wrap is great! I personally don't use it as a lid for bowls of leftovers (I would rather transfer it to a food storage container), but it's really great if you have half a vegetable left over, or a hunk of cheese you need to wrap up. The heat from your hands softens the wrap and makes it stick to itself like cling wrap, but it's reusable! When you're done just rinse it off and let it dry.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $18.

    26. A stick of plastic-free deodorant that's also free of aluminum and other potentially toxic ingredients, but chock-full of sweet-smelling odor protection.

    An open box filled with five Native deodorant sticks in different flavors and cardboard packaging
    @native / Via

    After many an eco-influencer touted this deodorant, I decided to try and make the shift. I've essentially been using the same deodorant since high school and had been hesitant about other zero-waste options because they often come as more of a paste and I wasn't super into that. So far, my experience with Native has been great! I got the charcoal scent and it's lovely. It goes on like any regular stick of deodorant— without the plastic!

    Get it from Native for $13 (available in seven scents and in subscribe and save).

    27. A no-frills bamboo toothbrush with soft charcoal brushes so you can actually follow your dentist's orders and swap your toothbrush every three months without piling up more plastic in the landfill. Over time, this all-natural brush will biodegrade and return to Mama Earth.,

    Promising review: "I was skeptical, but always hated the waste of plastic brushes. WOW! They have a nice finish, so the wood doesn't 'stick' like you'd expect. The bristles are incredibly soft, as my dentist recommended, and SO fine! It takes less effort to clean between teeth, because the bristles get in deeper, but don't hang up; or shed. They are also quite small, like the nicer brand-name brushes- so you can reach further back. I will be purchasing these again, and again." —Sarah Gibson

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $5.99.

    28. And some clean, green toothpaste tablets to make it easy to ditch those plastic tubes, and finally put an end to any fights over who dried out the toothpaste and forgot to replace the cap yet again. You may recognize these from Shark Tank!


    Your first batch will arrive in a cool refillable jar. If you opt to subscribe, you'll receive freshly pressed refill packs every four months in compostable packaging. If you wanna remove plastic from every step of your dental care routine, they've got mouthwash tablets and refillable floss.

    Promising review: "Was skeptical. I thought it was going to be a flop of a product, but I actually really enjoy it! Easy to travel with, convenient, and works as great as commercial toothpastes. I will be also buying their other products." —Marco G.

    Get it from Bites for $30 (originally $48; available in three flavors).

    29. A box of convenient, tablet-based cleaners from Blueland — another Shark Tank alum — that'll have your surfaces sparkling with just a few swipes. Sidebar: whoever thought cleaning solution would ever be so aesthetic?


    This kit includes three reusable bottles and either three or four cleaning solution tablets (depending on if you subscribe or not). Just drop the correct cleaning tablet into your forever bottle and fill it with water! That's it!

    Promising review: "I love my new cleaning kit. It does the job, and makes my house smell wonderful. Everything feels clean, and I feel so good to know that I’m doing a small part to help the environment! I’m always looking for small changes because it can be so hard to adjust old wasteful habits, but Blueland has made it easy!" —Sarah G.

    Get The Clean Up Kit from Blueland for $29.

    30. A goat milk body soap bar to deliver the same moisturizing clean as your bottled body washes without adding to the tumbling avalanche of half-empty plastic bottles in your shower.


    This 5-ounce hypoallergenic soap bar is made from locally produced fresh goat milk from Edgwick Hudson Valley goat farm.

    Promising review: "BEST SOAP EVER! HONESTLY WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE! My husband purchased this as a Mother’s Day gift for me and it’s the best soap I’ve ever tried. It leaves you feeling super clean and smells delicious! Most importantly it’s 100% natural!" —Zachary Lefebvre

    Get it from SallyeAnder on Amazon Handmade for $8.95.

    31. A reusable cotton swab for cleaning up your ears and cleaning up the planet at the same time by replacing 1,000 single-use swabs.


    It also comes in a LastSwab beauty version with a pointed tip for eye makeup removal.

    Promising review: "OK I admit it's not soft and plushy, but it cleans perfectly and you’re producing less trash considering I use one and so does my whole family daily!!!" —Jannette N. Joly

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95 (available in nine colors).

    32. A bamboo-blend single-layer bento box so sleek and good-looking it just might motivate you to bring lunch from home instead of ordering out and having to deal with all the takeout containers, utensils, and napkins that come along with it. Plus, it's the perfect compact container for storing restaurant leftovers!


    Founded in 2020, Goldune is a small biz founded by Azora Zoe Paknad with the goal of creating an inclusive marketplace for sustainably sourced and produced goods — from home decor to food — that prioritizes working with woman and BIPOC-owned companies.

    This bento box is hand-wash only!

    Get it from Goldune for $23 (available in five colors).

    33. A plant-based dish and hand soap duo in a delightful linen scent that comes packaged in stylish glass bottles you can refill again and again. An eco-friendly swap that's not all beige burlap and hemp? Sign me up!

    A white pump bottle of dish soap sitting next to a matching black pump bottle of hand soap
    L'AVANT Collective

    Launched in December 2020, L'AVANT Collective is a woman-owned small biz co-founded by Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord, friends and mothers who wanted powerful non-toxic cleaning products that fit in with their modern home interiors and styles. So they made what they wanted, releasing a tight assortment of sustainably-minded soaps and cleaning wipes.

    L'AVANT Collective was kind enough to let me test some of their products, and I'm genuinely in love. I've never had the most "granola" aesthetic, despite being very keen on doing my part for the environment, so finding eco-friendly alternatives that feel a bit more modern is always a pleasant surprise to me. The bottles feel incredibly well made and like they'll last a long time, and the subtle linen scent of the soap itself is ~heavenly~. I find it's just as effective as the plastic-packaged Mrs. Meyers soaps I was using before, and have actually noticed that my hands don't feel nearly as dried out after finishing up a bout of dishes — an exciting discovery! And since they sell refills, if the bottles don't vibe with your tastes, you can always pick up your own pump bottle and fill it with this powerful plant-based formula (in recyclable packaging) for the same results. You and the planet both win!

    Get it from L'AVANT Collective for $54.

    34. Rosebud lip salve so your lips feel hydrated and you can recycle the tin when you're done with it...unlike regular lip balm tubes. Finally, you can feel a little less guilty about your lip balm obsession.

    Three open tins of Rosebud Salve with a caption that reads "The BEST lip balms ever"

    Shopping editor Heather Braga swears by this stuff. In her own words:

    "My sisters and I swear by these little tins! They taste as good as they smell — so remember not to accidentally take a bite ;)"

    Promising review: "This lip balm is the real deal and one I've been using going on 10 years. They work and have the cutest gloss sheen without any stickiness. I love the adorable tins they come in as well." —Kelly

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $14.21.

    35. A set of mix-and-match cloth napkins for messy eaters looking to cut back on their paper towel consumption. These durable linen ones come in customizable packs with a wide range of color options to match your existing decor.

    Touchable LINEN / Etsy

    Touchable LINEN is a Ukraine-based small business run by Margarita Mazalova, who creates gorgeous linen home essentials, from bedding to tablecloths.

    Promising review: "I love the color options and they make a table look put together without being fussy. They also wash well, which is very important to me. I want my stuff to last and these have been working for some months now." —Meredith Riley

    Get it from Touchable LINEN on Etsy for $3.60+ (available in eight sizes and in 37 colors).

    36. A pair of nonstick silicone baking mats so you can say "buh-bye" to single-use parchment paper and foil, but still get all the slick, nonstick benefits.

    A reviewer photo of two baking sheets lined with the silicone mats and topped with baked cookies on one and balls of uncooked cookie dough on the other

    These flexible, tear-resistant mats are oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe!

    Promising review: "Ordered these along with some new cookie sheets. They are great! So nice to not have to waste foil or scrap the sheet. Easy to clean and really are nonstick. Wish I discovered these sooner." —Taci Thompson

    Get a two-pack from Amazon $13.95.