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    24 Best Planners To Help You Get Your Life Together In 2021

    The year's gonna do what it do, but at least you'll be organized through it all.

    1. A functional dated pocket planner that's small enough to toss in most any bag so it's always on hand even if you're rushing between meetings.

    2. A comprehensive Layered Living Planner with tools to organize and set goals for the 12 layers of your life — everything from wellness and relationships to career and finances!

    3. A straightforward monthly planner that's got exactly what you need and nothing that you don't, with basic calendar spreads to plan out the next 18 months. Plus, it's incredibly thin and lightweight so it'll be easy to take with you for on-the-go organization.

    4. A 12-month Clever Fox planner with undated monthly and weekly spreads so you can start and stop at any time without wasted pages. For more than just jotting down appointments, this planner walks you through defining and executing yearly, monthly, and weekly goals to boost productivity in every area of life.

    5. A hardcover dot grid journal for anyone whose been stocking up on fountain pens and has a Pinterest filled will bullet journal inspo. Complete with an index section and 124 numbered pages, this journal is the perfect blank canvas for creating your personalized planner.

    6. A Plum Paper college student planner to meet the varied needs of students with a range of customization options, multiple layouts, extra pages to track courses, reading lists, exams and more!

    A coiled planner with a badge that says "Brynlee" and "Let peace be your guide" sitting next to a pencil

    7. A reusable smart planner with a QR code on every page so you can save digital versions of your agenda to popular cloud services like Google Drive and OneNote. When you're done, just erase with the included microfiber cloth and reuse this planner again and again!

    8. A stylish vegan leather planner with an impressive number of five-star reviews, dated monthly and weekly spreads, large lined sections for writing out appointments, and a suite of guided goal-setting tools like a space for creating your own vision board.

    9. A 12-month life planner you can customize nearly every detail of, from the cover and coil colors to the layout. Even personalize it with your name, so no one gets confused who's got their life together with such an impeccably organized planner.

    10. A classy 12-month diary planner with a full page per day to outline packed schedules in perfect detail. Notably, the stylish lay-flat design means you won't have to try and pin this planner down when writing out your to-dos.

    11. A tearaway Boss desk pad dreamed up by graphic designer Stormy Nesbit, who aptly describes this planner pad on her website as "Black girl magic but make it stationery."

    A desk pad that says "weekly planner" with boxes to write in for each day of the week and an illustration in the bottom right corner of a Black woman wearing a shirt that says "boss"

    12. A bestselling dated family organizer for months of household organization thanks to your standard monthly/weekly layouts and a ton of functional add-ons like tear-off grocery lists, daily meal planning, and extra pages for need-to-remember notes.

    13. A budget-friendly Blue Sky 12-month planner with straight-forward monthly and weekly layouts that'll keep you on task and organized for the whole year — without any unnecessary fluff.

    14. A gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. 12-month planner that's pretty enough to make a convert out of even the most feverent physical calendar skeptics.

    15. A cosmic astrological planner for anyone looking to deepen their zodiac practice beyond morning sessions with the Co-Star app. Along with being a standard planner, it serves as a planetary teaching guide with how-tos, moon phase tracking, retrograde dates, and just about everything else you might need to better connect with the cosmos.

    16. A convenient digital planner that's compatible with most any device and will cover your organizational needs all the way through 2022. This affordable bundle includes layouts to better structure virtually every aspect of your life and can be easily customized by simply replicating the pages you like and deleting the ones you don't!

    An iPad with a digital calendar pulled up with text that reads "The Ultimate Digital Planner: dated – hyperlinked – for GoodNotes, Notability...Ect" and "Monday & Sunday Starts, 650+ stickers, 2021 + 2022"

    17. A popular 16-week Papier Joy planner with undated pages that make it easy to start and stop with no wasted paper. Each week begins with a thoughtfully designed dashboard where you can track tasks, review goals, write shopping lists (plus a lot more), and still have tons of space for everyday reminders and appointments with designated pages for each day of the week.

    18. A research-backed undated 90-day Panda planner that's really a lot of different things — agenda, goal planner, gratitude journal, diary, and more — wrapped up in one sleek book. All in the name of increased productivity!

    19. An elegant leather agenda equipped with credit card slots, document pockets, and binder rings that make it easy to swap out new agenda pages year after year — whether you buy or make them yourself!

    20. A flexible undated homeschool planner to organize the needs of homeschool newbies and veterans alike with special sections to plan lessons, track grades, set supplies budgets, and more. It's useful whether you're handling the education of one kid or eight.

    21. A BookFactory weekly organizer that's small in size but big on organization, with streamlined weekly layouts featuring plenty of lined space to write out all your appointments and reminders.

    22. A handy weekly planner pad for anyone whose planning style is a bit more one-and-done. This tearaway pad is an organized way to record quick reminders at your desk or on the go since it'll actually fit in your compact cross-body purse.

    23. A monthly planner subscription that delivers a constant flow of fresh inspiration by sending a new planner out every month. Every issue is unique and centered around different themes like "Dreaming" for January and "Endearment" for February.

    24. An eco-conscious undated six-month planner that's the culmination of tech exec and start-up founder Kate Matsudaira's decade-long quest for the perfect notebook. The result combines the functionality of a planner with the sleek aesthetic of a modern notebook with space to keep your ideas, plans, and goals all in one place.

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