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    20 Etsy Shops To Satisfy Every Type Of Plant Parent

    Whether you want an impossible-to-kill houseplant or a fruit tree for the yard.

    1. Florida Plants & Gardens wants live plants in every home! So they offer a wide range of some of the most popular (i.e. resilient) houseplants, all potted and ready to enjoy.

    2. Happily Plants has that cute plant you saw on Instagram in an even cuter sleek ceramic pot.

    3. My Plant Obsession has all the cool, leafy houseplants you've never heard of. So impress the garden snob in your life with obscure elephant ear, goldfish, and prayer plants — each grown and shipped with love!

    4. Grey Peony Boutique sells preserved, forever-fresh flowers arranged in the most stunning bouquets and wreaths. They have a huge selection so you can find your perfect match for an everyday table display or special occasion decor.

    5. Pippa Patterns Crochet creates digital patterns for easy-to-make crochet flowers and plants. If you're good with your hands but don't necessarily have a green thumb, this is a fun alternative. Plus, they'll last forever!

    6. RT1home sells seeds and tools for the DIY gardener. From herbs to vegetables, you'll find everything you need to channel your inner Mother Nature and get growing. Not to mention their modern, minimalist aesthetic is a real vibe.

    7. Lazy Gardens describes their selection as "stress-free, human-proof plants." So for everyone who loves nature but hates work, this is *the* place to snag low-maintenance succulents in too-cute planters and dreamy hanging plants.

    8. Plant my message handcrafts personalized succulent pots that make a perfect quarantine gift to send to friends or a unique favor for events — whenever those can happen again!

    9. Twisted Acres specializes in all things air plants — aka plants so low-maintenance they don't even need soil, making them lovely little companions for home or work.

    10. MossWerks creates STUNNING mixable, matchable artwork out of preserved moss. It's a sleek, sustainable way to bring a little green into even the most modern of spaces!

    Five connected hexagons of different sizes filled with preserved moss on a wall

    11. EasytoGrow delivers on its name, selling ready-to-plant flower bulbs to brighten up your home or outdoor garden. Just plant, water, and wait for your flowers to bloom!

    12. The Bonsai Supply Store covers all your tiny tree needs. Want to start from scratch and grow your own bonsai? They've got the supplies. Want a fully-developed bonsai tree to care for and enjoy? They've got those too!

    A potted juniper bonsai tree with a red ribbon tied around the trunk

    13. Hirts Gardens offers a unique selection of indoor and outdoor plants, perfect for adding some variety to your leafy green collection. Snake plants are cool, but what about a Venus flytrap?

    14. Growers Solution is a landscaper's dream, selling a wide range of trees and shrubs to develop your outdoor oasis. Shade trees for climbing? Check. Bushes with bright flowers? Check. They've got it all.

    15. Vadiiv's Garden curates a high-quality selection of edible plants to satisfy all your culinary needs. For the cook that demands it fresh, you'll find mature kitchen herb plants and even a variety of citrus trees to get your fruit fix *any* time.

    16. Touch of Nature creates realistic silk plants perfect for adding *ahem* a touch of nature to spaces where a live plant wouldn't normally thrive! Wall decor, wreaths, orchids! The list goes on.

    17. Find Us In The Forest sells a vast array of happy, healthy houseplants and ships FAST. Most orders show up in less than a week! The plant baby of your dreams could be on your windowsill in no time.

    18. Botanica Fleur brings plant-powered aromatherapy to your home with bouquets of eucalyptus and lavender that come ready to be hung in your shower, on a door, or wherever good smells are welcome.

    19. Mountainlily Farm is a licensed plant nursery specializing in seeds, hard-to-find plants, and, perhaps most fun of all, gardening kits. Their all-in-one kits are curated to meet a wide range of needs from apartment herb gardens to outdoor DIY hummingbird and butterfly gardens.

    20. Root Botanical combines handpainted planters and modern terrariums with low-maintenance moss balls and air plants to create stunning home decor items with a touch of real-life greenery.

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