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    According To Reviewers, These 29 Home Products Are Definite "Needs"

    Once you sleep a night in those bamboo bedsheets, you'll never be able to go back.

    1. A set of bedsheet fasteners that work like suspenders to keep your fitted sheet in place no matter how much tossing and turning you get up to during the night.

    2. A carpet stain remover for lifting those scary stains that make you question if it's time to bring in the professionals. With this around you can get the job done yourself. And the best part? No rinsing or vacuuming required!

    A photo of a stained carpet next to another photo of the same carpet with the stain removed

    3. A powerful mold and mildew stain cleaner to lift the most daunting grout and caulking stains without the back-breaking scrubbing. Just apply the concentrated gel formula, wait six to eight hours, and watch your stains (and your worries) wash down the drain.

    4. A patented pet hair remover if you're tired of lugging out the vacuum every time your dog sit on anything. This roller uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

    5. A wall-mounted toothbrush station so you and the kids can receive the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brushes every time without making a gloopy mess of the counter. It's also much more sanitary than leaving uncovered brushes out *AND* it conveniently holds four rinse cups.

    a reviewer photo of the wall-mounted station with three toothbrushes hanging from the bottom and two tubes of toothpaste inserted on the top

    6. These breathable bamboo bed sheets that are cool to the touch and wick away moisture for hot sleepers who are tired of tossing and turning.

    7. A nonscratch cooktop cleaning kit with everything you need for making your always vaguely greasy stove top look as good as the day you moved in (or better).

    8. A drawer organizer set to divide and conquer messy drawers and skip the part of the morning where you make yourself late digging for that perfect pair of socks.

    a reviewer photo of open drawer with the organizer bins inside filled with clothes

    9. An organic cotton bacon sponge that can absorb up to 10 TIMES its weight in grease. No more wasting a roll of paper towels every time the sweet smell of bacon calls your name. *AND* it washes up for reuse with a little dish soap pre-soak before tossing it in the washing machine.

    Pile of bacon sitting on the quilted cloth

    10. Dishwasher cleaning tablets because the funky smell emanating from your dishwasher has been haunting your day-to-day and these tablets make giving your cleaning machine a deep internal clean as easy as...well...running the dishwasher.

    11. An outdoor movie set including a 100-inch screen and a mini projector if it physically pains you to stay inside when the weather is nice. This projector is compatible with an array of streaming devices like your laptop, Fire TV Stick, and Roku so you can start binge-watching shows in your backyard.

    12. A remote-controlled oscillating tower fan with an auto mode that adjusts its output according to the room's temperature, so you can beat the heat without constantly fussing with settings because it's hot, then cold, then hot again. Plus reviewers say this fan is seriously quiet!

    13. A dryer vent cleaning kit that attaches to your vacuum to suck lint and other debris (aka major fire hazards) from the narrowest of crevices.

    14. A cooling memory foam seat cushion for making you feel ~supported~ even on your longest days.

    a reviewer photo of the cushion on a black desk chair

    15. A flexible dish squeegee to wipe away greasy, stuck-on messes like ~magic~ and just generally reduce the amount of wet food you have to touch on a regular basis.

    16. A pop-up silicone drain protector because protecting your drain from hair means protecting yourself from having to pull a wet wooly mammoth out of your pipes in the future.

    17. A fast-acting air purifier if you're looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate airborne allergens in your home. A whopping three filters work together to trap pet dander, pollen, odors, and more so you can breathe a little easier — literally.

    18. A stainless-steel pan and lid holder so you have an all-in-one station for depositing saucy spoons and wet drippy lids, which will make that after-dinner cleanup all the easier.

    a stainless steel combo spoon rest and pot lid holder

    19. A set of double-sided shower hooks that glide over the rod without the usual tugging and pulling. The additional hook also makes changing out the lining way less of an ordeal.

    the double-sided hooks with a shower curtain on one side and a liner on the other

    20. A compact knife sharpener for keeping your blades in tiptop shape. I didn't know vigorously sawing through potatoes wasn't normal until I learned you actually should be sharpening your knives, like, ALL the time!

    21. A pack of biodegradable foaming drain cleaning tablets to take care of all the out-of-sight grime clogging (and stinking) up your garbage disposal.

    22. A genius soap dispenser and sponge caddy because you're a little heavy-handed with the dish soap, and this will dispense the perfect amount every time with just a pump or two. Plus, you don't even have to put down the dish in your left hand to reapply dish soap with your right hand, so you can get those dishes done sooner!

    A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

    23. A set of shelf dividers if you've got piles of jeans, towels, and leggings that always start organized but eventually just become one messy super pile.

    24. A deep clean brush set so you can retire that old, feeble toothbrush and get at grout and tight corners with non-slip grip handles and heavy-duty nylon scrubbing bristles.

    25. A pack of shockingly absorbent Swedish dishcloths that are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper towels. They're super sturdy and can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between clean-up jobs so you know they're not harboring any unwanted germs.

    26. A pack of SpaceSaver vacuum storage bags for turning that huge pile of extra linens and wear-once-a-year sweaters into a much tinier pile that'll give you back SO much extra storage space. Just fill up a bag, suck out the air, and watch the pile shrink down to a fraction of its original size!

    27. A length-adjustable pet hair broom with rubber bristles to wrangle the fur trapped in your carpet and a rubber head that works like a magnet on wood and linoleum to attract stray hair. If that wasn't enough, there's also a built-in squeegee for corralling spilled liquids and cleaning glass.

    28. A mesh metal multi-drawer monitor stand with plenty of space to stash office supplies because your monitor is already hogging 75% of your desk's real estate space. Might as well get a riser that can pick up the slack.

    29. A plant-based stainless steel cleaner if it feels like you've tried everything to get rid of all the streaks, smudges, and grubby fingerprints that are keeping your appliances from living out the "stainless" in stainless steel.