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    According To Reviewers, These 29 Home Products Are Definite "Needs"

    Once you sleep a night in those bamboo bedsheets, you'll never be able to go back.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of bedsheet fasteners that work like suspenders to keep your fitted sheet in place no matter how much tossing and turning you get up to during the night.,

    Promising review: "You don’t know it yet, but you NEED this... This is one of those small products that you don’t realize you need but then makes you so happy when you finally get it that you wonder why/how you went so long without it. We have a thick, pillow-top mattress, and our mattress protector and fitted sheets CONSTANTLY slip off, bunching underneath us and just resulting in a lot of annoyance. Not anymore! Could not be happier! Bed always looks and feels freshly made now! WIN!" —mrslito

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.99 (available in three colors).

    2. A carpet stain remover for lifting those scary stains that make you question if it's time to bring in the professionals. With this around you can get the job done yourself. And the best part? No rinsing or vacuuming required!

    A photo of a stained carpet next to another photo of the same carpet with the stain removed

    Promising review: "YOU NEED THIS IF YOU HAVE KIDS OR PETS! I am convinced this stuff is magic in a bottle! If I can get up an ENTIRE bottle of ketchup that was rubbed in the carpet, you can get out anything!" —Ashley T.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.62.

    3. A powerful mold and mildew stain cleaner to lift the most daunting grout and caulking stains without the back-breaking scrubbing. Just apply the concentrated gel formula, wait six to eight hours, and watch your stains (and your worries) wash down the drain.

    Promising review: "If you have tough mold and mildew in your shower stuck on the caulking, YOU NEED THIS. I tried so many products and none have worked like this. NO SCRUBBING NEEDED. You just leave it for a few hours and wipe it away. SO EASY!!" —Carleen

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    4. A patented pet hair remover if you're tired of lugging out the vacuum every time your dog sit on anything. This roller uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

    Because it doesn't rely on adhesive paper, you only have to buy it once and can reuse it — cleaning the hair off the brush when it gets clogged, of course!

    Promising reviews: "I have three cats and it is impossible to keep their hair off of our furniture. I used to vacuum our couch every. single. day. to keep it down and it did only okay as compared to this amazing device. After reading the outstanding reviews, I decided to give it a try. It is incredible. This is the most effective cleaning tool I have ever used for removing pet hair. I truly changed my cleaning habits by making it significantly easier to quickly roll over my furniture and instantly remove all pet hair. Don't even question this purchase if you're a pet owner. You need this item." —Michelle M.

    Get one from Amazon for $24.95.

    5. A wall-mounted toothbrush station so you and the kids can receive the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brushes every time without making a gloopy mess of the counter. It's also much more sanitary than leaving uncovered brushes out *AND* it conveniently holds four rinse cups.

    a reviewer photo of the wall-mounted station with three toothbrushes hanging from the bottom and two tubes of toothpaste inserted on the top

    It holds five toothbrushes and the two toothpaste dispensers use vacuum tech to get every last drop out of the tube. 

    Promising review: "You need one! I love this! So easy to install and holds nice and tight to the wall. The toothbrushes sit nicely in the holder and are easy for my kids to grab. The two gargle cups are nice but we added little Dixie cups to ours instead. The toothpaste function works really well and isn’t messy for our kids. I highly recommend this!" —Sarah C. 

    Get it from Amazon for $16.94 (available in three colors). 

    6. These breathable bamboo bed sheets that are cool to the touch and wick away moisture for hot sleepers who are tired of tossing and turning.,

    Promising review: "If you have night sweats, you need to buy these sheets. I do and I bought a set. Oh my, I just love them. Not only are they soft, they seem to be cooling too. No more night sweats for me." —Linda Leynes

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in sizes Twin–Cal. King and in 12 colors).

    7. A nonscratch cooktop cleaning kit with everything you need for making your always vaguely greasy stove top look as good as the day you moved in (or better).

    The full kit contains a 10-ounce bottle of the cooktop cleaning solution, one cleaning pad, a grip pad tool, and a scraper.

    Promising review: "You need this. I swear. First off, this is magic. I knew I needed something to help me clean my cooktop because nothing I had was working. I stumbled across this on Amazon and figured it couldn't hurt to try. I’m SO glad I did. It took me multiple rounds of scraping and cleaning to get it to where you see in the before and after pictures but it WORKS. It’s sooooo easy to use. I will buy this forever!" —Sierra Leonard

    Get it from Amazon for $11.29.

    8. A drawer organizer set to divide and conquer messy drawers and skip the part of the morning where you make yourself late digging for that perfect pair of socks.

    a reviewer photo of open drawer with the organizer bins inside filled with clothes

    This set includes four bins: a six-cell (for scarves and ties), an eight-cell (for underwear, briefs, and ties), a seven-cell (for bras), and a 24-cell (for socks).

    Promising review: "LOVE THIS!! Changed my organization of undergarments forever. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need it — YOU DO!! BUY IT!!" —beemc

    Get a four-piece set from Amazon for $15.87 (available in seven colors).

    9. An organic cotton bacon sponge that can absorb up to 10 TIMES its weight in grease. No more wasting a roll of paper towels every time the sweet smell of bacon calls your name. *AND* it washes up for reuse with a little dish soap pre-soak before tossing it in the washing machine.

    Pile of bacon sitting on the quilted cloth
    Green City Living / Etsy

    Green City Living is a small biz based in Denver that specializes in eco-friendly home goods. They donate 2.5% of sales to Climate Emergency Fund, an organization that supports climate activists.

    Promising review: "Everyone needs one of these. Amazing!" —Jessica Kidd 

    Get it from Green City Living on Etsy for $12 (available in larger quantities). 

    10. Dishwasher cleaning tablets because the funky smell emanating from your dishwasher has been haunting your day-to-day and these tablets make giving your cleaning machine a deep internal clean as easy as...well...running the dishwasher.

    Promising review: "This product is something that you need to use that everyone forgets to use. Everything turned out perfectly clean and I could tell a difference before and after of my dishes and glasses." —Dan Clark

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.50.

    11. An outdoor movie set including a 100-inch screen and a mini projector if it physically pains you to stay inside when the weather is nice. This projector is compatible with an array of streaming devices like your laptop, Fire TV Stick, and Roku so you can start binge-watching shows in your backyard.,

    The home projector includes multiple ports (HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, TF, and Audio output) for widespread device compatibility. It also has built-in speakers, but can easily be hooked up to other external speakers or a soundbar.

    Promising review: "I read the reviews and was kinda indecisive, but I could not wait to set this up. The 100-inch portable screen came with the projector. Setup for screen and projector was easy peasy. The picture quality, the portability, the volume…I could go on and on. It actually feels like I am at my own in-home movie theater. I am so happy that I purchased this item. I hooked my Roku device straight into the projector. I don’t know if I want to watch my television again after this experience. There nothing like watching your favorite movie/ television shows on this level. I will provide an update if I have technical issues. But try this device! It is affordable, and the picture quality is great and I didn’t need to have an expensive surround sound system. Did I mentioned that you need this in your life…" —Notaname

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    12. A remote-controlled oscillating tower fan with an auto mode that adjusts its output according to the room's temperature, so you can beat the heat without constantly fussing with settings because it's hot, then cold, then hot again. Plus reviewers say this fan is seriously quiet!,

    Promising review: "You NEED this fan! This fan is an absolute must-have! It puts out a great amount of air, but is extremely quiet. It has nearly 180 degrees of coverage when oscillating. I love the remote and that it has so many settings, making it easy to customize for my husband and me. He's cold-blooded, and I'm warm-blooded. We use it in the kitchen because there's no ceiling fan. (Stupid apartments!) It's been a life-saver, especially for my husband, as I get extremely grouchy when hot.😁 I highly recommend this fan for any room of the house as there are so many settings." —Cindy

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    13. A dryer vent cleaning kit that attaches to your vacuum to suck lint and other debris (aka major fire hazards) from the narrowest of crevices.,

    The entire set comes with a plastic hose, a Holikme adapter, and a vacuum hose for use with most any vacuum. Plus, a flexible lint brush!

    Promising review: "As a former firefighter, I'm careful about dryer lint. I clean the screen after each load, and twice a year I use a long 'foxtail' brush both inside and outside at the vent. Well, I thought I was careful but this little tool showed me what I was missing. In less than five minutes this removed all the fine, soft 'fluff' that makes it through the screen. The real wake-up call was when the end clogged and I pulled off a chunk of the fluff that was melted together and smelled burnt. Get this. If you think you don't need it because you're already cleaning, you're wrong. Better to come to that realization now than after the fire. And if you don't think you need it because you're not a fan of cleaning-this flat hose slips under appliances and furniture so you can clean without moving them!" —JustMeTalking

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95 (available in three colors).

    14. A cooling memory foam seat cushion for making you feel ~supported~ even on your longest days.

    a reviewer photo of the cushion on a black desk chair

    The velour cover zips off for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

    Promising review: "If you're working from home, you need this. I bought two of these, one for my WFH daughter and one for myself. Your butt will not go to sleep if you have one of these. You can sit all day and be comfortable. One caveat: Look online for how to position this. When I first got mine, I put it on the chair backward, and it wasn't so comfortable. I'm really glad I have it. Makes long workdays seem doable." —Karen K. Schloss

    Get it from Amazon for $37.95 (also available in black)

    15. A flexible dish squeegee to wipe away greasy, stuck-on messes like ~magic~ and just generally reduce the amount of wet food you have to touch on a regular basis.


    Promising review: "You need this. So handy. Quick to scrape, good design, sturdy, easy to use. You do have to wipe after each use." —J R Collins

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    16. A pop-up silicone drain protector because protecting your drain from hair means protecting yourself from having to pull a wet wooly mammoth out of your pipes in the future.,

    Promising review: "If you are a woman, girl, or have either one in your life, you need to purchase this! It has been a dilemma for me for many years to find a way to keep hair from going into the tub drain. I've even tried an upside-down plastic container. Well, problem solved. Where have you been all my life? Gosh, I looked in stores and have never seen this product before. I searched Google years ago and didn't find anything either. Sure it doesn't trap 100% of the hair, because the silicone is soft and there is a very fine gap that one or two strain of the hair falls through, but heck, I'll take that." —Lucy

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A fast-acting air purifier if you're looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate airborne allergens in your home. A whopping three filters work together to trap pet dander, pollen, odors, and more so you can breathe a little easier — literally.

    The purifier filters allergens, mold, pet dander, dust, smoke, and cooking odors, and covers up to 219 square feet. Plus, there are specialized replacement filters you can get to further tackle specific needs like pet dander and air pollutants.

    Promising review: "These purifiers seem to work great. Noticed a huge difference in the air quality only an hour after first plugging it in. I am actually using it in a bigger room than the manufacturer recommends, but it still does a great job cleaning the air; it just takes a bit longer to do a complete air change. My mom bought one for her living room after seeing it's in action. If you are an allergy suffer you need this ASAP. I could see lots of dust floating around in a sunbeam before getting this. Now, there is nothing. Highly recommended." —J. Allen

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (also available in black).

    18. A stainless-steel pan and lid holder so you have an all-in-one station for depositing saucy spoons and wet drippy lids, which will make that after-dinner cleanup all the easier.

    a stainless steel combo spoon rest and pot lid holder

    Promising review: "Essential. Just what you needed and you didn't even know it. So convenient." —Amazon Customer 

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99

    19. A set of double-sided shower hooks that glide over the rod without the usual tugging and pulling. The additional hook also makes changing out the lining way less of an ordeal.

    the double-sided hooks with a shower curtain on one side and a liner on the other

    Promising review: "If you change your shower curtain often, you definitely need these! They are easy to install and so easy to use. Makes life a whole lot simpler!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in nine colors).

    20. A compact knife sharpener for keeping your blades in tiptop shape. I didn't know vigorously sawing through potatoes wasn't normal until I learned you actually should be sharpening your knives, like, ALL the time!


    This teeny-tiny knife sharpener features two slots with carbide blades on one side to provide quick edge setting capabilities, and ceramic rods on the other for the final edge honing. Plus, there is a nonslip base for added stability and control.

    Promising review: "Great little sharpener! Do you like not cutting yourself? Do you like not having to take your knives in the get sharpened? Then you need this in your life. It takes up almost no counter space, and sharpens really well. I was skeptical about it because of the size and the price, but I had friends over the other day, and one went to cut a lime and marveled at how sharp the knife was (I had just sharpened it the night before). Put this little guy right in front of your knife block and be done with it." —Amanda Marie

    Get it from Amazon for $8.15.

    21. A pack of biodegradable foaming drain cleaning tablets to take care of all the out-of-sight grime clogging (and stinking) up your garbage disposal.

    Promising review: "Buy them! Every home needs to use these on a regular basis. I use one once a month. It’s not magic or anything; you still need to clean out the gunk underneath the rubber part." —Surf1974

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $4.73.

    22. A genius soap dispenser and sponge caddy because you're a little heavy-handed with the dish soap, and this will dispense the perfect amount every time with just a pump or two. Plus, you don't even have to put down the dish in your left hand to reapply dish soap with your right hand, so you can get those dishes done sooner!

    A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

    Promising review: "This product is amazing. You need this in your kitchen. It delivers the perfect amount of soap every time and gets your dishes squeaky clean. But wait, there’s more! When your sponge is done with a hard day of washing dishes, you can feel comfortable laying it down in a bed that prevents soap scum around your sink. In the words of Nat, 'Buy this product champions.'" —Christian

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in three colors).

    23. A set of shelf dividers if you've got piles of jeans, towels, and leggings that always start organized but eventually just become one messy super pile.,

    Promising review: "I love these! I just have a shelf on top of my closet. I keep my leggings there. These dividers separate the leggings and make everything so much more organized. I’m buying more to do my linen closet! You need these!" —Lynn Blue

    Get a pair from Amazon for $10.34+ (available in two colors).

    24. A deep clean brush set so you can retire that old, feeble toothbrush and get at grout and tight corners with non-slip grip handles and heavy-duty nylon scrubbing bristles.,

    Promising review: "You might not think you need this, but you do. A toothbrush is handy but these have stronger bristles and the rubbery tip on the end is handy for those corners that you can't get the bristles to connect with, like baseboard corners near door frames." —Maggie

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in two colors).

    25. A pack of shockingly absorbent Swedish dishcloths that are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper towels. They're super sturdy and can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between clean-up jobs so you know they're not harboring any unwanted germs.,

    Promising review: "I had actually seen/used them in Europe, but forgot all about them until I saw them on Amazon. They are easy to clean — I throw them in the dishwasher or clothes washer almost daily. They save me from using so many paper towels and, in most cases do a better job than paper towels. I also keep one upstairs in the bathroom to clean up water splashes in the sink there. These are a really good idea. You don't realize it, but you need them in your life :)" —Frequentfliermom

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $21.95+ (available in six colors).

    26. A pack of SpaceSaver vacuum storage bags for turning that huge pile of extra linens and wear-once-a-year sweaters into a much tinier pile that'll give you back SO much extra storage space. Just fill up a bag, suck out the air, and watch the pile shrink down to a fraction of its original size!

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Each pack includes a travel hand pump to pull the air out, but you can also use your vacuum!

    Promising review: "If you need space, you need these. We bought these to store our decorative couch pillows we weren’t using. Three giant pillows fit in the XL size and all nine pillows are now stacked in three of the bags under our bed. We also put all our winter clothes in one bag. This created SO much more space in our storage closet! It’s such quality material as well. Buy then, you won’t be disappointed!" —KRC13

    Need more convincing? Chec BuzzFeed editor Maitland's full Spacesaver vacuum storage bags review!

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in four sizes and as a variety pack).

    27. A length-adjustable pet hair broom with rubber bristles to wrangle the fur trapped in your carpet and a rubber head that works like a magnet on wood and linoleum to attract stray hair. If that wasn't enough, there's also a built-in squeegee for corralling spilled liquids and cleaning glass.,

    Promising review: "If you have pets, you need this. This sucker is magic. I bought mine three years ago and it still works. I use it to scrape up the dog hair that gets embedded in my living room rug. (We have two basset hounds that are constantly shedding.) The vacuum gets a lot of it, but even after I run the vacuum I can drag this broom over the rug and drag up entire piles of dirt and fur that were missed. It's also great on my kitchen tile. We have a dog door in our kitchen, so our two bassets are always dragging in dirt and making messes. This works better than a broom because it works like a squeegee ~ nothing gets caught in the broom fibers, and it can clean up damp/wet messes as well." —yetanotherstephanie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.44.

    Check out my coworker's FURemover Evrilholder broom review for more deets and some very satisfying hair-removal photos!

    28. A mesh metal multi-drawer monitor stand with plenty of space to stash office supplies because your monitor is already hogging 75% of your desk's real estate space. Might as well get a riser that can pick up the slack.

    Promising review: "You need this! Perfect for my needs! Adding an additional monitor to my home office setup — this lifts my laptop to align with it. Also gives me room for storage and prevents me from having to constantly look down. Very sturdy, highly recommend." —Jennifer Lewis

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in two colors).

    29. A plant-based stainless steel cleaner if it feels like you've tried everything to get rid of all the streaks, smudges, and grubby fingerprints that are keeping your appliances from living out the "stainless" in stainless steel.

    It also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth!

    Promising review: "No more hassle to clean stainless steel! This is the LAST SS cleaner you will ever need! The best product out there! Easy wipe-on, then clean with the microfiber cloth after. If you have a lot of SS like need this stuff!!!" —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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