I'm A Remote Work Expert, And My Followers Keep Telling Me About These Wild Job Scams

    "I never interacted with anyone face-to-face, only text."

    I’ve been working remotely in both hybrid and fully remote roles in tech for the last 11 years.

    With the rise of remote work, comes the rise of remote job scams. And OOF, are they annoying.

    Remote job scams have been happening so much that many folks don’t want to continue their remote job search. The FBI investigated several of these scams, and since 2019, found that the average reported loss from these scams was $3,000 per victim. 

    When people first find me or my content online, some ask if applying to remote jobs is even worth it because they are so sick of seeing scams. I get it. How are they expected to perform a successful job search when 80% of it's filled with scams?

    In America, we are met with scams at every turn, every single day.

    It’s time we expose it all and talk about ways you can avoid these predatory scams altogether.

    The Most Common Remote Job Scams

    Imposter Scams

    Instagram conversation about Danielle's job offer from Oracle

    If they only converse with you on messaging apps and avoid emailing you, it’s probably a scam.

    Instagram conversation about Danielle's job offer from Oracle, continued

    Then, the alarms went off. She finally got verification this was for sure a scam when they asked her to deposit a fishy looking check.

    Screenshot of the imposter scammer illegally using information of an actual HR VP at Oracle alongside a screenshot from our continued conversation on Instagram about the scam

    Scams Can Even Be Found on LinkedIn

    Screenshot of the beginning of a remote job scam interview that Alex experienced.

    After the text-only interview, Alex received a very real-looking offer letter to sign.

    Greensource remote job scam offer letter screenshot

    Data Entry Job Scams on LinkedIn

    Email screenshot from a data entry remote job scam

    Remote job scams are making their rounds on AngelList and Indeed, too. And those aren't the only ones, either.

    Screenshot from Indeed remote job scam

    Text messaging is not a part of any legitimate hiring process. At least, not on it's own.

    Screenshot from AngelList remote job scam

    Always double check the company's website to see if the job listing exists there, too (and if they have any callouts for recent scams to watch out for that have been using the company's name).

    Zuora company website screenshot

    Multi-Level Marketing Companies Marketing Themselves as Remote Jobs

    A screenshot of an Instagram DM where someone has been seeing a lot of MLMs in remote job listings

    Employment Centers Are Even Getting Scammed

    Why Remote Job Scams Are on the Rise & How You Can Avoid Them 100%

    When in doubt...

    What other remote job scams have you come across lately? Any unique tips to add for avoiding them? Share your thoughts in the comments.