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People Are Sharing The Most Offensive Text They've Ever Received From A Man

Make it stop.

If you're boasting about having a healthy relationship on TikTok, there's a 99% chance you'll get roasted. Millennials and Gen Z'ers are single, bitter, and do not have time to entertain the fairy tale that is "monogamy."

So when TikTok user @rachelgwilson posted a loving tribute to her boyfriend with cutesy music in the background...

...I was not shocked to see that other users had taken this audio and started to use it for a trend that exposed the most audacious thing a man had ever texted them.

Here's a highlight reel:

1. The crumb.

Text that says "I didn't mean to swipe on ya, I was trying to get a chip crumb off my screen."

2. The second option.

A text that says "I don't want to end things with you, I just want to pause them so I can try it with her."

3. The creature.

A text of a guy telling a girl that she reminds him of a creature.

4. The weight gain.

A guy texting "We don't have to hang tomorrow" after a girl says she's gained a few pounds.

5. The dick pic permission.

A guy snapping a girl asking permission for him to send a dick pick

6. The nutsack hair.

7. The public health risk.

A guy texting "lemme pound you w a mask on though" to a girl saying she has covid.

8. The "mistake."

A guy saying, "Christ ur ugly. Totally didn't mean to match my bad."

9. The low blow.

A guy saying he doesn't think a girl is good looking.

10. The handjob.

A girl saying "my friend gave you a handjob on the couch and I walked in on it" and a guy replying "Oh, longtime no see. But now it's your turn."

11. The "chair."

A guy saying "I'm going to destroy every chair in the world so the only place you'll have to sit is my face."

12. The wrong text.

A guy accidentally sending a girl a text that says "headed that way she's bigger than I thought but holy shit her family is loaded."

13. The grandma.

A guy saying "you lowkey look like my grandma when she was young, I'm into that. We lost her last year."

14. And, last but not least, the casket.

A guy saying "I just wanted to know what flowers I should put on your casket after I murder that pussy."