The Viral "Kombucha Girl" Meme Is Super Relatable And Here Are The Best Jokes

    She has the range.

    A TikTok of a woman trying kombucha for the first time has been circulating the internet and it's providing me with A LOT of joy.

    Let's break down this journey. We begin with the uncertainty of the first sip.

    Then there's a pause for thought...

    Quickly followed by disgust.

    BUT WAIT! There appears to be some self-doubt.

    Nah, never mind she hates it.

    NOPE! She gets us AGAIN! Her last reaction seems to be one of approval.

    22-year-old Brittany Tomlinson was inspired to try kombucha after watching a YouTube video about the beverage. "I watched Cody Ko's video and thought 'what the actual fuck is this bacteria water,'" she told BuzzFeed.

    "So I bought the cola flavor from Walmart because I'm poor. When I tasted it, it literally tasted like expired coke," she said.

    Her final opinion? "One thumb up, two thumbs down."

    Here are some of the best tweets about how kombucha girl (AKA @brittanyt445) is all of us:


    Looking at myself naked in the mirror


    me trying to decide within 30 seconds of meeting a man if we’re going to get married




    When I tasted the cum for the first time


    Me watching the manicurist paint my nails with some random Essie color that I chose on a whim



    gemini, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, aquarius, and pisces deciding wether or not they want to ghost someone


    aries, cancer, leo, libra, and pisces deciding wether or not they want to throw a tantrum over a minor inconvenience


    Me acquiring the taste for beer over the course of like 10 years


    me trying to decide if I find men attractive or if it’s just bc some of them have long hair


    when a grindr hookup shows up and doesn’t look like his pics but you still go through with it


    me typing “gay” into the search bar on p*rnhub in middle school




    that first customer at the Pretty Patties stand


    BuzzFeed has reached out to Kombucha Girl™ for comment and will let you know her final opinions on the beverage as soon as we hear back.